CanucksArmy Prospect Profiles 2015: #9 Ronalds Kenins

Josh W
August 25 2015 09:51AM

Banner art by Matthew Henderson

Bringing us down into the single digits of prospects within the Vancouver Canucks' pool is Ronalds Ķēniņš.  

Kenins is such a good prospect that even his own name is plural. Ronalds Kenins is so sneaky good that in the mid-term review and in last summers review Kenins did not even make the top-20. Quantum leaps forward are possible though when you start the season in the bottom-6 in Utica and end it in the NHL, scoring key playoff goals.

Having seemingly come out of no where, let's continue past the jump to see what we have in this Olympic Latvian.

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CanucksArmy Prospect Profile 2015: #13 Jordan Subban

Josh W
August 19 2015 08:04AM


Banner Art by Matthew Henderson

In Mike Gillis' greatest and final draft class, the Canucks managed to snag the best and most cerebral of the Subban brothers in young Jordan.  While his short stature makes a lot of people question his play and the probability of his finding success at the NHL-level, he easily makes up for it in his hockey IQ.

There was a couple weeks where all of Canucks Nation was concerned about whether or not the Canucks would even get Jordan Subban signed to an entry-level contract, but then the Canucks finally inked Subban and within a day the issue was forgotten.  The hold up appeared to be on negotiations in AHL salary and bonuses, while Vancouver management wanted to treat him like a standard fourth-round pick.

Let's continue past the jump to see where Jordan Subban currently sits with the organization.

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CanucksArmy Prospect Profile 2015: #17 Andrey Pedan

Josh W
August 13 2015 12:08PM

Banner art by Matthew Henderson

In November of 2014, newly minted General Manager Jim Benning made one of signature variety of trades by sending disappointing former second-round draft pick Alex Mallet to the New York Islanders, with a third round pick, in exchange for defensive prospect Andrey Pedan.

Nearly a year later, Mallet is no longer with with the Islanders system, having signed with the Kalamazoo Wings of the ECHL. And the Canucks recouped the third-round pick they sent to New York in the Brandon Sutter deal. So clearly the Canucks have won this high stakes and very high profile trade!

Continue past the jump as we look - somewhat more seriously - into the 17th best prospect in the Canucks system in our estimation: Andrey Pedan!

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Establishing AHL Baselines for Prospect Success

Josh W
July 24 2015 09:37AM

Nearly every hockey fan has the basic understanding that the NHL is the best hockey league in the world and that to become an regular player in the league you need to be the best of the best. Combining this with the piling of recent evidence suggesting that the peak age of players is around the mid-20s, it starts to become apparent that fans in every fan base tend to be over-confident in the success of their AHL (and other) prospects.

It is important when studying prospects, and when wanting to increase the general understanding of the league, to establish a baseline of success for those in development leagues.  

Continue past the jump as we look into AHL success.

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Utica Comets Deep Dive: Calder Cup Finals

Josh W
July 23 2015 11:00AM


Image Courtesy: @NBCSports

Nearly a month ago we previewed what to expect during the AHL Calder Cup final between the Utica Comets and the Manchester Monarchs.  This was the 3rd time in Canucks franchise history that their AHL farm team went to the AHL finals and much like the parent club, it has yet to win.

Before the finals, the Comets had been a good possession team, backed by good goaltending with below average offence.  In our preview, we noted that the Manchester Monarchs were the one team the Comets wished to avoid given that they have been more dominant in nearly all measurable facets of the game.  

Since that preview and the series, CanucksArmy has been over-taken by events surrounding the draft, trades, and free agency.  It’s too bad that the AHL final was inexplicably cancelled at the last minute for no reason, so here’s our deep dive of what likely would have happened.  

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