Five things that the Canucks may have been thinking before making today's trade

Jeff Veillette
February 22 2016 03:52PM

You've seen the news already. The Vancouver Canucks have completely stunned their fanbase and the rest of the hockey world by trading top prospect Hunter Shinkaruk to the Calgary Flames in exchange for Markus Granlund. To be honest, we're not quite sure what the team is thinking, but here are a few ideas of what might have crossed their minds.

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Canucks Postgame: Earthquack

Jeff Veillette
February 18 2016 11:52PM

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY SPORTS

Once again, the Vancouver Canucks, who swear up and down that they're a hockey team that are capable of doing big things this year have lost a hockey game. Not just any game, either; one against the Anaheim Ducks, which is like being broken up with and getting mugged on the same ride home. Here's what went down in tonight's 5-2 loss.

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The Canucks should consider claiming Christian Ehrhoff

Jeff Veillette
February 10 2016 05:25PM

The Los Angeles Kings turned a few heads across the hockey world today, placing German defenceman Christian Ehrhoff on waivers. While it's possible that he clears and bolsters an already competitive Ontario Reign in the AHL, the odds are much more in favour of a team picking up his $1.5 million salary. So here's my thought; why not make that team the Vancouver Canucks?

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Edler, Sutter injuries identified, both significant

Jeff Veillette
February 10 2016 11:54AM

If this year is any indication, Brandon Sutter's bachelor pad in Vancouver might have to be a wing at St. Paul's Hospital. Both he and Alex Edler suffered injuries in last night's game against the Colorado Avalanche, and from the sounds of it, neither will be back anytime soon. 

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CA Monday Mailbag: February 8th

Jeff Veillette
February 08 2016 03:00PM


That was some football game last night, wasn't it? Sorry, I'm just trying to fit in; I watched my cousin play house league instead. He didn't celebrate in an exaggerated fashion. Do you know why?

"Because he acts like he's been there before and has respect!"

Actually, no. He didn't because he spent half the game in the box and didn't score. Kid would've probably done cartwheels if he could've buried a tap in. Because sports are fun and that would've been fun.

Anyway, that's enough hot and dumb takes for now. We still have a few more to make in the form of question responses!

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