Canucks Postgame: Too Little, Too Eight

Jeff Veillette
March 27 2016 09:48PM

Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY SPORTS

Even when the pick stakes are high, there's something about losing to the Chicago Blackhawks that makes you hate the idea of encouraging it. By something, of course, I mean all of those playoff matches and the fact that the Hawks are full of players that are insufferably skilled with almost as insufferable backstories. This is a game you'd be happy to stomach for pride, especially after losing seven prior.

But that didn't happen, as the Canucks dropped yet another two points in a 3-2 result.

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Canucks Postgame: Shutouts Gone, Losing Streak Persistent

Jeff Veillette
March 24 2016 10:40PM

Even the staunchest supporter of tanking the rest of the way couldn't have liked how the past few games went. You could tolerate the Blues, but getting shut out by the Edmonton Oilers and Ondrej Pavelec is worse than being relegated to one of those senior men's leagues where everyone punches each other for an hour. It's not hockey that anybody that wants to watch. It's.. suffering.

Tonight was a vaguely refreshing (but still rough) step away from that. The Canucks put pucks in the back of the net but ultimately lost to 3-2 to the Nashville Predators in a shootout.

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Vancouver Canucks sign Anton Rodin

Jeff Veillette
March 22 2016 03:45PM

After months of "will they, won't they", the Anton Rodin saga has reached a conclusion. The Vancouver Canucks have agreed to terms with the 25-year-old Swede, signing him to a one-year, one-way deal.

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Canucks Call Up Pedan and Gaunce Amid Wave of Injuries

Jeff Veillette
March 15 2016 02:55PM

The Vancouver Canucks are no more. At least, they may as well not be, with half the team seemingly out of the lineup with injuries. In their place came a few reinforcements this afternoon, as Andrey Pedan and Brendan Gaunce were called up to fill roster spots.

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CA Mailbag: March 15th

Jeff Veillette
March 15 2016 09:38AM


Protip to Mr. Desjardins: When your team is eight points back in mid-March and your fanbase is screaming for a rebuild, a good way to respond to your current vision would be something along the lines of, say, "As a team we have to go out and look to win every night. We hope that these games will also be real good learning experiences for the kids, and if they compete hard it could help us both now and later."

Or anything other than "We're still looking to make the playoff even with the young guys in the line-up.". At that point, you sound like you're still in denial.

Oh, right, this is the mailbag, not Jerk's Monday Morning Musings. Anyway..

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