Alex Burrows believes Canucks are still a playoff team

Jeff Veillette
August 15 2015 02:14PM

There's still a few weeks left in the offseason, and as such, its not a shock to see players making appearances on the golf course or at charity events. Sometimes, they'll be doing both at the same time, as Alex Burrows did at the third annual Michel Therrien golf tournament in Montreal. There's no word out there on just how good Burrows was at sinking his shots, but one would hope he was as good as he believes the Canucks will be this year.

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Relive the Vancouver Canucks 2014-15 Season

Jeff Veillette
August 13 2015 05:21PM

We've spent the last couple of weeks breaking down the recent history of the Vancouver Canucks. Many of those years were good and invoke positive memories. Some were fantastic but eventually invoked heartache. There were the duds as well, but thankfully, those were few and far between. All of this brings us to as close to the present as we'll get until October; last season.

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Widely beloved ex-Canucks defenseman Sami Salo officially retires

Jeff Veillette
August 13 2015 10:51AM

After a year away from the game, spent unsuccessfully trying to recover from injury, it looks like the end of the road has come for Sami Salo. The former Canucks defenceman, and all-around fan favourite has retired at the age of 40 years old, according to a report from Finnish outlet Ilta-Sanomat.

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Nikita Tryamkin not thinking about jump to the NHL

Jeff Veillette
August 10 2015 08:17PM

As the focus in Vancouver shifts towards the Canucks' prospects, one of their best young defencemen appears to have his mind in other places. According to a report from Russian media outlet R-Sport, Nikita Tryamkin is not only looking forward to continuing his career with Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg this season, but is open to committing beyond his current contract.

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Monday Mailbag: The Beginning

Jeff Veillette
August 10 2015 11:57AM


Hey! It's been a few days since Rhys told the world that I would be taking over here, and since then, I've been doing my best to get myself 100% up-to-speed with the goings on here at the Army. As well, I've been looking at introducing some new things, both behind the scenes and out in the open.

This is one of the latter. I've run a weekly mailbag at The Leafs Nation for quite some time now, and I feel like it would be great to have the same thing here. We're going to rotate the staff members that are involved in future weeks, but this time around, I'll take a shot at answering a few softballs from the crowd:

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