Canucks Postgame: Money on, Points off

Jeff Veillette
April 07 2016 10:07PM

The downward spiral continued tonight in Calgary, as the Vancouver Canucks once again fell apart and allowed the Calgary Flames to get on the board not once, but twice, but seven times in a 7-3 routing at Scotiabank Saddledome.

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Canucks Postgame: Tanks for the Memories

Jeff Veillette
April 06 2016 08:43PM

The Vancouver Canucks played hockey tonight, but they were the last subject that the majority of the hockey world cared about. After all, their opponents were the Edmonton Oilers, who were hosting the team in what was the last ever game at Rexall Place. The first time these two faced each other in this arena, they combined for an eight-goal tie. This time? Still eight goals, but the result landed drastically in Edmonton's favour, as the Canucks fell 6-2.

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@CanucksMOTB 2.0: Lets End It On A High Note

Jeff Veillette
April 05 2016 12:04PM


CanucksArmy will once again be raising money to benefit Sit down, grab your late morning coffee, and chat with us as we go on a journey explaining what #CanucksMOTB is, and why we're doing it. 

So the season hasn't exactly gone swimmingly for the Canucks. Whether by design or misadventure, the team has plummeted down the standings into a region that implies that they have a long ways to go before being competitive again. The season has been fun at times, but for the most part, it's been frustrating.

But what if we could channel some of that negative energy into a positive cause? That's where #CanucksMOTB comes in, with a sequel to the efforts we put forth for the season opener.

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Canucks Army GDT #78 - Canucks vs Ducks

Jeff Veillette
April 01 2016 01:00PM


Our man with the pre-game plan Always90Four is sick. I'm sick and tired of this season. I'm sure you are too. With that in mind, let's keep this pregame short, shall we?

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Canucks to send Virtanen, McCann back to Junior

Jeff Veillette
April 01 2016 01:00AM

With the Vancouver Canucks tail-spinning towards the bottom of the NHL's standings (last night notwithstanding) Canucks Army has learned from a well-placed source that the organization has, after months of decisions to the contrary, decided to send forwards Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann to their respective Canadian Hockey League teams to join them for the playoffs.

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