Being good on the ice shouldn't supplant your wrongdoings off of it

Jeff Veillette
July 25 2016 07:45PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman/USA TODAY SPORTS

From the looks of it, Evander Kane is going to hit the trade market for the second time in less than two years. Not many were surprised to see him head from Winnipeg to Buffalo during the 2014/15 season, and many came to his defence. Most of his issues, after all, had been with the team, and a civil suit placed in his direction for an incident in Vancouver was brushed off when Kane retorted that his thrown street punches were in self-defence.

Fast forward, and we're back to where we started, except worse. This time, the Buffalo Sabres want off of this wild ride, and it's due to a string of off-ice incidents. You don't need me to re-paint the picture for you here; Canucks Army managing editor JD Burke did an excellent job detailing the list of accusations placed upon Kane, and why he has reservations about bringing in a player with this much and this type of smoke surrounding their personal life.

Vancouver Province writer Ben Kuzma, on the other hand, feels differently. He thinks the Canucks should go after the local youngster. Which, of course, is his opinion, which he's welcome to have. But the delivery is almost as problematic as the player he's defending.

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Canucks Army's 2016 Team Player Awards

Jeff Veillette
June 22 2016 04:38PM

The NHL Awards are right about to get underway in the newest league market of Las Vegas, Nevada, and we can't help but feel left out. Nobody on the Canucks is a nominee for anything performance related (Henrik Sedin's community involvement gets him a nomination for the King Clancy Award, though). That's crazy when you think about it; we really thought Jim Benning had GM of the Year locked up as a gimmie. But we shouldn't look back in anger; the league can do whatever it wants, as long as we know what matters! Yeah!

...we're actually really petty and made our own awards. Get your podiums ready!

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: June 20th

Jeff Veillette
June 20 2016 10:03PM


Thought escaped me forever, eh? Unfortunately for the readers here at Canucks Army, I haven't so much left as much as I've been distracted by the insanity that's going on in the land of East Coast Bias. In the meantime, you get to hear better opinions from smarter people than myself, with today's mailbag being the exception. Let's see what's on everybody's mind!

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Asset Managment and Defensive Defencemen

Jeff Veillette
May 26 2016 10:27AM

Being a first-class organization in the National Hockey League requires a lot of different things. This isn't the dusty copy of NHL 2001 for PlayStation that's sitting on your abandoned CD rack in the attic; you can't just trade players for players one overall higher than them until you've built an all-star team. You can't just keep trading draft picks from five years down the line until your career mode finishes. Most importantly, the Salary Cap is a thing that exists now, and building a competitive roster has to be relative to a dollar restriction.

Keeping all of this in mind, I present you a comparison.

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Canucks Army Year In Review: Alex Burrows

Jeff Veillette
April 25 2016 04:35PM

If this is the end for Alex Burrows in Vancouver, it was a hell of a run. The man who many refer to as "Ball Hockey Gretzky" has brought the Canucks some of their best moments of the Salary Cap Era while creating one of the better come-up stories around in the process. This year, however, you could see the wheels slowly but surely coming off of what has been a stellar career, which may lead to his time in the rebuilding organization coming to a close. Let's take a look at the year that was:

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