The Canucks Through 50 Games

Jeff Paterson
February 02 2012 10:11AM

In the big picture, the 50 game mark is of very little significance over an 82-game NHL season. But let’s be honest -- it’s a nice round number and one that is easily divisible by two. The Canucks reached the 50 game mark with their 3-2 overtime win over Chicago on Tuesday, and being good with simple math, that’s all that is needed to allow us to take a look at the first two 25 game segments of the 2011-12 Vancouver Canucks season, make a few observations, and maybe draw a few conclusions too. Follow me past the jump:

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It's True, I Have Joined the Army

Jeff Paterson
February 01 2012 10:19AM

It is true. I have joined the Army. No brushcut, no fatigues, no basic training – in fact, no training of any kind – I’m jumping right in and hoping to have some fun in this space as the Canucks hit the stretch run, approach the trade deadline and advance into the playoffs.

When the guys who oversee this website first approached me a few weeks back, I was flattered that they thought there was a fit for me, with what they’ve created here at Canucks Army. But I didn’t know if it was something I wanted or needed to do. However, after some time, I realized that while I have an outlet for my thoughts about the hockey club on the Team 1040, in the weekly column I write for the Georgia Straight, and on Twitter, one thing I was missing was a regular space to call my own on the web. A spot where I can post whatever I want, whenever I want as thoughts cross my mind about the Vancouver Canucks.

And now I have that here at Canucks Army.

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