WWYDW: Wishing Philip Larsen a Speedy Recovery

J.D. Burke
December 07 2016 09:00AM


When did Canucks Army go Union, and why does Jackson think he gets to take weeks off? The nerve of some people. The show must go on, though, and I'm here to take the torch back for a week.

If you watched last night's Canucks game in New Jersey, you probably caught Philip Larsen getting caught with a questionable hit behind his net, delivered by Taylor Hall. I don't see anything terribly wrong with the hit itself, but these things are open to interpretation. I'm open to an argument to the contrary.

So, was the hit suspendable in your opinion? If so, for how long? And if Larsen's out long-term, which is certainly a possibility, who steps up in his stead? Here's hoping to a speedy recovery.

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On the Canucks Interest in Ryan Spooner

J.D. Burke
December 06 2016 11:00AM


Photo Credit: Brad Rempel

When a Boston Bruin finds themselves on the trade block, you better believe they're connected to the Vancouver Canucks not long after. Such was the case on Hockey Night in Canada's Headlines segment with Ryan Spooner.

The Canucks, as an organization, value familiarity. Vancouver's General Manager and Assistant Manager played a role in drafting and developing within the Bruins organization when they selected Spooner in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft and kept tabs on him for a few years thereafter.

That's probably where the conversation starts, but far from where it end. If the Canucks are interested in landing Spooner, it can make sense for a number of hockey reasons. Let's dig in.

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: December 5th

J.D. Burke
December 05 2016 11:00AM


Hey, what a week, eh? The Canucks won games! Hell, they've won two of them since we last met. Of course, the Anaheim Ducks trounced the Canucks on Thursday too, but nobody bats a thousand, right?

If it makes you feel any better, the Ducks were also dragged by the Flames last night. So there's that!

Best of all, though, is Saturday night's victory over the Leafs. Don't get me wrong -- I'm #TeamTank a thousand times over. By that same token, Nazem Kadri and the Leafs had that coming. Props to Ryan Miller for pretty much singlehandedly pulling that off.

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MacLean: "Ryan Spooner to Vancouver Would Make Sense"

J.D. Burke
December 03 2016 07:38PM


Photo Credit: Gregory Fisher - USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks need scoring, and they haven't exactly kept that a secret. For as long as Jim Benning's been Vancouver's General Manager, it seems, the Canucks have been actively scouring the market for that elusive scoring winger with size.

So it came as some surprise when the Canucks were connected to the Boston Bruins Ryan Spooner on CBC Headlines during tonight's Hockey Night in Canada. Spooner isn't the most physically imposing player, and he's played the majority of his career at centre. You know what he does do, though? He scores goals. And lots of them, too.

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Dispatches From the Waiver Wire: Teddy Purcell

J.D. Burke
December 03 2016 06:26PM


Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez

Teddy Purcell is one of the better-travelled forwards in the NHL, and it appears as though another destination awaits the veteran forward based on this Elliott Friedman report.

The Los Angeles Kings hoped they'd plugged an area of need when they signed Purcell on the cheap in the dog days of summer, but that best-laid plan hasn't come together. In 12 games with the Kings, Purcell's amassed two assists at even strength and is their single worst player by Corsi For at 44% on the season.

Generally, when we're looking at veterans that find themselves on the waiver wire, it's less about them being bad as it is them not hitting organizational expectations. Purcell's is a rare case where the players hit the mark on both fronts, though, and is teetering on the edge of losing his NHL career entirely.

Is this a situation where the Canucks can capitalize on an ugly fit and acquire a veteran scorer with a history of productivity for, well, nothing? Or would the Canucks be wise to pass up on Purcell's tenuous status as an NHL player? Let's delve in and find out.

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