Canucks Army Postgame: We Won! I Guess.

J.D. Burke
November 19 2014 10:00PM

The Canucks never make things easy. With four days rest, all of which I assume was spent ruminating on their last contest against the Arizona Coyotes, it seemed reasonable to expect Vancouver would send the Oilers all they could handle. I'd hardly say they met expectations, but for enough individual sequences they were able to execute a level of dominance over Edmonton that has become commonplace in these match ups. The final, a 5-4 victory for Vancouver, does little to reflect this but counts as a win all the same - Vancouver's fourth of the season over Edmonton.

Perhaps we're all too enamoured with Zack Kassian shenanigans and ensuing silliness that an ordinary hockey game, complete with lead changes and momentum swings, has ceased to excite us when these two teams meet. Maybe we expect more of Vancouver against these perennial basement dwellers and barely scraping out a win in this shootout style game leaves much to be desired?

Whatever the case, the Canucks were great at times, but there's a lot that needs fixing coming out of tonight's match. Results aside, I'll try and touch on this on the other side of the jump

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Canucks Army Postgame: Anaheim Keslers Lose to Vancouver Spare Parts

J.D. Burke
November 09 2014 10:32PM

Vancouver entered tonight with the hopes of making good on the final leg of their California road trip. Going 2-1-0 in three trips to California would go a long way in validating this franchises belief in themselves as a playoff team. Beyond that, using a victory over Ryan Kesler and the Anaheim Ducks to tilt the needle above .500 would surely be icing on the cake for a team that so desperately needs to find positives after their 5-1 shellacking at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings just one night earlier.

It took a weathered storm in the first, a draw in the final two periods and a series of posts in the shootout to do it, but they left Anaheim with the victory. Read past the jump for a full recap.

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Canucks Army Postgame: That Was Close...

J.D. Burke
November 07 2014 12:13AM

The margin for error in the NHL can be so incredibly small at the best of times. Vancouver was .1 of a second away from being slapped in the face with this reality. While San Jose forwards exercised their annual time share on the Canucks defensive zone throughout the night, it wasn't enough to get past a scorching hot Ryan Miller for the equalizer late in the game. 

Sometimes it's the result that matters and not the process. Count tonight's victory for the Canucks as one such occasion. Despite being out-shot 36-19, the Canucks were able to exit the SAP Center with a rare victory over the Sharks by a score of 3-2. I'd hardly call this a winning formula long-term, but for tonight it was good enough.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Smashed-ville

J.D. Burke
November 02 2014 11:39PM

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These aren't your fathers #Perds. Nor is this year's incarnation of the Vancouver Canucks your one-year older brother's. With less than desirable results last season, both teams underwent a series of changes to recapture the buzz of their respective markets and rekindle their offensive fire.

The early returns have these teams planted firmly in the playoff picture with room to spare. Best of all though, both clubs are watchable again. Despite the Canucks playing last night in Edmonton, it was a high-paced game with scoring chances aplenty, at least early. Unfortunately for the Canucks, the bounces didn't go their way and their winning streak was ended with a 3-1 Nashville victory.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Regression be Damned!

J.D. Burke
October 24 2014 10:55PM

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It isn't news that the Colorado Avalanche are in tough this season. Despite an impressive GoalsFor% north of 53% last year, the Avs underlying numbers told the story of a club that was benefiting from favourable bounces at all ends of the ice. Their combined sh% and sv% at even strength made for an unsustainable PDO well north of the mean 1000.

Those factors made the Avalanche a poster boy for regression heading into this season. In large part, they have been. Small samples have driven the needle several ticks below expected percentages though and it seemed reasonable to expect them to bounce back. And oh, how they did against our beloved Vancouver Canucks.

Whether it was regression to the mean, some of Colorado's newer and more legal NOT marijuana related attractions or a combination of both, Vancouver left the Pepsi Center a disheveled shell of their former selves of last night. I'm not saying the Canucks embarrassed themselves, but the final score was 7-3 and they gave up almost 50 shots. 

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