Valeri Nichushkin is Available, Should the Canucks... YES

J.D. Burke
February 11 2016 01:00PM


The Vancouver Canucks - and the rest of the league, for that matter - have been presented with the rarest of opportunities, as Valeri Nichushkin of the Dallas Stars is apparently available for the right price.

Mike Heika of Dallas News brought to light Nichushkin's availability, suggesting that the Stars could float their budding winger for a 'big fish' acquisition on the trade market. The Stars, who are rumoured to be looking to add depth on their blue line, are reasonably seeing their young stable of electric forwards as the requisite surplus to make such a move happen.

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WWYDT: Better Late than Never

J.D. Burke
February 11 2016 09:00AM

Today's edition of What Would you Do Wednesday, is brought to you by the day Thursday.

The Canucks are set to play Saturday night's contest against the Toronto Maple Leafs in their classic Flying Skate logo and jersey combo. For many this jersey is a great reminder of the Canucks when they were entering prominence after years of embarrassment. It conjures memories of Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden, to name a few. For some, this jersey is sacred.

Has me wondering, which jersey and logo combo was your favourite? If you could bring any of the old ones back as a third, which would be your logo of choice?

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Canucks Army Postgame: Luca Sbisa End-to-End Rush

J.D. Burke
February 09 2016 10:39PM


(Graphic courtesy Matthew Henderson. Follow him on Twitter: @MHenderson95)

It appears as though reports of the Canucks demise are greatly exaggerated.

With Vancouver's backs against the wall, they behaved like any group of young professionals would and called upon their mother's to help themselves get back on track. On the first of a two-leg road trip - on which the Canucks are accompanied by these mothers in question - the Canucks came to Denver to face the Colorado Avalanche and get back into the thick of the Western Conference playoff race.

The two middling sides played a fast-paced contest, trading barbs early and keeping each other honest with hot goaltending. Vancouver separated themselves in the second, with Matt Bartkowski and Sven Baertschi potting a goal apiece to the one Colorado scored, courtesy Francois Beauchemin. Bo Horvat netted the insurance goal halfway through the third, giving Vancouver the 3-1 lead they'd take to the final buzzer for the win.

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Monday Morning Musing: February 8th

J.D. Burke
February 08 2016 09:00AM

I'm of the belief that even the most inconsequential of transactions, events and whatever you may have leaguewide affects every team, at every level, to some extent. Newton's law and so on.

With that in mind, there just simply isn't enough time or resources to give them all the attention they deserve in this space. Ideally, though, one can scratch the surface of these events - linked directly to the Vancouver Canucks or otherwise - and examine their far-reaching impact to Roger's Arena and beyond.

With that, here are my Monday Morning Musings for the week that was.

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Analyzing the Canucks as a Team in the Neutral Zone Through November

J.D. Burke
February 05 2016 11:00AM

As the season trudges forward towards the trade deadline, my neutral zone data set increases in kind. Yesterday I was able to  synthesize the Vancouver Canucks zone entry data through the month of November, to show the impact made by each player through the neutral zone.

Today I'm going to look at the data as a whole, on the team level, to see the sum of all Vancouver's parts. I also hope to gain some insight into the Canucks systems, although, a limited leaguewide data set makes this a difficult exercise.

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