Nikita Tryamkin - “I either play in the NHL or I’m going home”

Andrey Osadchenko
March 11 2016 05:00PM

The big Russian is finally here. 21-year-old Nikita Tryamkin joined the Vancouver Canucks 2 years after he was drafted 66th overall in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. Tryamkin speaks some English, but as a native of Yekaterinburg is more detailed in Russian. On the night before heading to Vancouver, he gave a lengthy interview to Ivan Vedenin of E1.Ru.

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A Quirky Interview with Jan Bulis

Andrey Osadchenko
September 02 2012 01:45PM

This is a translation courtesy Andrey Osadchenko. The original interview was conducted by Vasilyi Trunov.

Vasilyi Trunov: Is it true that your hometown of Pardubice is all factories and industrial stuff?

Jan Bulis: There are some industrial buildings but they aren't as big as in Chelyabinsk. Have you ever heard of Semtex explosives? They make it in my hometown!

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Sergei Shirokov Fondly Recalls his North American Hockey Experience and "Crazy" Canucks Fans

Andrey Osadchenko
July 07 2012 03:34PM

This is a translated version of an interview Sergie Shirokov originally gave to Vyacheslav Sambur in early June. Sergei Shirokov spent two seasons in the Canucks organization, and while he was an AHL All-Star, he never cracked the club's NHL roster full-time.

While he didn't make much of an mpact at the NHL level, he's an interesting guy and a good quote. Here he talks about playing in the AHL, why it's tough for AHL scorers to crack the big leagues, the influence of Mike Keane, and his experiences during the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot.

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The Russian Rocket Talks About Making the Hall of Fame

Andrey Osadchenko
June 30 2012 08:28AM

This past week, it finally happened. After six ballots, and six misses, it was announced on Tuesday that former Vancouver Canuck sniper, Pavel Bure is to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this November. Andrey Melnikov of Sport-Express and Pavel Lysenkov of Sovetskyi Sport recently talked to "The Russian Rocket" on the phone. Here’s a translated, amalgamation of both interviews.

Question: How did you learn about [the honour]?

Pavel Bure: They called me right away from North America. That is just how it works over there. As soon as the committee makes its decision, they call the inductees. It was the same thing with IIHF Hall of Fame – Rene Fasel told me about it.

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Mikhail Grigorenko: Why Is He Falling?

Andrey Osadchenko
June 20 2012 09:27PM

Once Nail Yakupov’s arch-rival for being considered the 2012 top prospect, Mikhail Grigorenko now finds himself dropping out of top-10 in almost every mock draft he’s unfortunate enough to take a look at. While some complain about his work ethic, others bring up the rumor about his alleged age-forging issue.

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