The Price of Punches

Blake Murphy
June 16 2013 09:51AM

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Tom Sestito can punch a face. You could even say he's good at face-punching (though voters appear to disagree). People seem to like that and I like a good tilt, too, and some even think it's a necessary skill required by Natioanl Hockey League hockey teams.

So some people are probably happy with the Canucks re-upping Sestito for two years at $750,000 per season. Because Tom Sestito can punch a face.

Unfortunately, Tom Sestito isn't particularly good at hockey.

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Can Alex Edler Handle A Tougher Role?

Blake Murphy
June 08 2013 12:55PM

There has been some chatter so far in this offseason about the prospect of dealing Alex Edler, he of the six years and $30M remaining on his contract.

A powerplay quarterback on a long-term, reasonably priced deal could be an attractive commodity on the market, the story goes, and thus Edler is perhaps the Canucks' second best trade asset behind Cory Schneider.

Personally, I think there are other ways to improve the team without moving Edler, who has been one of the NHL's top puck-moving defensemen and power play point men for the past several years. The table below shows Edler's power play resume, highligthing times when he was top-30 among defensemen (a "top on a team" kind of rank).

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How Do Coaching Changes Impact Players?

Blake Murphy
June 01 2013 09:37AM

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The Vancouver Canucks will have a new coach for the 2013-14 season. While we don't know who yet, we know it won't be Alain Vigneault. While the power-play is probably going to be target number one for a new bench boss, and while general manager Mike Gillis is sure to make some changes to the roster in the interim, I wanted to get a feel for how coaching changes can effect individual players.

In order to do so, I pulled all of the wonderful Behind the Net data from the 2007-08 season through to this past season. I wanted to test how consistent statistics like Corsi (a possession indicator based on total shot attempts for and against), Corsi QoC (the quality of competition a player faces), Corsi QoT (the quality of teammates a player plays with), and OffZone% (the percentage of shifts a player starts in the offensive zone) are year-to-year. Once we know that, we can compare the entire player pool against players who underwent coaching changes.

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