Canucks Sign Mike Santorelli

Blake Murphy
July 06 2013 11:23AM


The Vancouver Canucks have made another depth signing this morning, inking centreman Mike Santorelli to a deal with terms that are undisclosed at the moment. The signing was first reported by 1130 Sports, I believe. At least, they were first in my timeline:

The Province has a story up and the Canucks have confirmed the signing via their website.

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Looking at the Canucks' Back-Up Goalie Situation

Blake Murphy
July 02 2013 12:55PM


Eddie Lack is the early favourite for the back-up role.

The Vancouver Canucks traded goaltender Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils at the NHL Draft on Sunday. This was a major move for the franchise, solving what had been a dynamic three-year dilemma between the pipes as Schneider battled with Roberto Luongo for the starting position.

With Schneider gone and Luongo hopefully on board with remaining with the team (not that he has many sane ways around it), the Canucks now face the much smaller issue of finding a back-up goaltender for Luongo.

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Morning Rumour Round-Up: Edler Notes, Goalie Updates

Blake Murphy
June 30 2013 09:11AM

Could power play anchor Alex Edler be on the move?
Image via wikimedia commons.

It's draft day, which means a potentially major news day and certainly a big rumor day. Canucks Army's Thomas Drance is on the frontlines at the draft but a few others will be checking in with any news updates as the day moves along.

The big rumors this morning are carry-overs from last night. Namely, there are indications that the Canucks are feeling out a potential Cory Schneider move instead of a Roberto Luongo deal (a move which makes sense in basic economics terms, since you'd maximize your total assets that way, but it's one that might not be plausible). There are also the somewhat newer rumblings that defenceman Alex Edler could be on the move.

More updates after the jump.

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Canucks 2013 NHL Draft Preview: Mike Gillis's Draft Record

Blake Murphy
June 29 2013 12:17PM

Frank Corrado is one of Mike Gillis' best late-round picks.
Frank Corrado is one of the best late-round picks of the Mike Gillis era.
Image via wikimedia commons.

The draft is tomorrow! Put down your long-weekend Molson, step inside from the beach and turn on your television for a few hours. Hockey’s version of Prospect Porn has it’s annual hurrah, and the Vancouver Canucks should be in the thick of things with a new coach, a handful of trade, buy-out and free agent rumors, and six picks, including the 24th overall selection.

But before we look forward, it helps to look backward. So let’s hop in the DeLorean and look at General Manager Mike Gillis’ five drafts and where the players he selected are now.

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Canucks 2013 NHL Draft Preview: Size Matters

Blake Murphy
June 27 2013 01:59PM

Laurence Gilman and Vancouver's Scouts Meet to Discuss Draft Strategy.
Screencap via Canucks TV

Hey did, you know the NHL has an Entry Draft this weekend? Yup, not joking. On the Sunday morning of a Monday-long weekend, no less. Count teh ratingz, suckas.

Anyway, the draft is always a lot of fun, though generally not as much fun for the Vancouver Canucks, who usually pick pretty low. This year, the Canucks pick 24th overall in each round except for the second, as that pick is owed to the Dallas Stars. It makes this year’s instalment slightly more exciting than last year’s (five picks), 2010’s (five, with none in the first three rounds) and 2008’s (five), though not as enticing as 2011’s (eight picks) or 2009’s (seven).

I highlight those years, of course, because those are the five drafts that have taken place under the rule of General Manager Mike Gillis. Drance did a nice job breaking down Gillis’ draft history by league earlier this week, and I’m here to follow up on Lord of the Drance’s 2012 piece on Gillis’ preferences by player size.

But first, some background on why people tend to discuss the size of players in the NHL, specifically at draft time.

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