Stuck in a Bad Sequel

October 12 2012 03:23PM

As far as sports months go, it doesn't get any better than October. We have one sport entering its second season (baseball), another just hitting its stride (football), and two more getting off the ground (basketball and hockey). It's that glorious and rare time of year when fans of all major sports are united by an unspoken, unanimous glee.

As hockey fans, we can all probably agree that above all else, the newly-fallen leaves and the crispness in the air as we approach mid-October conjures up one thought: NHL hockey is back. But as my hunger for hockey usually approaches its peak right around now, so does my desire to dust off my favourite horror films, turn off my brain, and watch a few dumb teenagers reach an untimely but appropriately Darwinian end. It's just what I do in October. This year, however, the line between my two favourite traditions is becoming less defined every day.

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