Fun with the Canucks Jersifier

January 22 2013 10:24AM

Yesterday the official Vancouver Canucks Facebook page pointed me to this good bit of fun, the Canucks Jersifier. It's a simple little web app where you plug in your name and preferred number and WHAMMO, you've got your very own jersey hanging in the team's dressing room.

Where most see something mildly amusing that they quickly forget about, I see something I can use and exploit until all the original fun is sucked out of it. So here I am. Let's get creative with this Jersifier, shall we?

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One side just loses more slowly

December 18 2012 09:04AM


There's a great scene from HBO's The Wire in which Roland "Prezbo" Pryzbylewski is sitting in his living room watching a football game on television. His wife asks him who's winning, to which he replies:  

"No one wins. One side just loses more slowly."
If there's a more apt description of the shameful battle being waged between the NHL and its Players Association, I haven't seen it.

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Jumping to conclusions on the NHL lockout with Tom Smykowski

November 12 2012 09:51AM

With complicated CBA negotiations, you have to use your mind.

The CBA negotiations are ongoing. They're tedious. They're confusing. Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr have proven that as long as they're leading negotiations, the tires of progress are going to continue to spin in the snow. They need a push, they need solid conclusions, and for that a mediator has been brought on board. His name is Tom Smykowski, he's known for his people skills, and he has a brilliant idea:

Despite the pessimism of Samir and Michael, Tom has been asked to take this idea and apply it to the NHL lockout, similar to what he did for the Canucks last season.

Here is what he's come up with. Click through to JUMP!

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Michael Grabner's blog and the mindset of young players

October 31 2012 12:57PM

Do all the players really stand together? (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images)
Do all the players really stand together? (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images)

A week ago former Canuck and current New York Islander Michael Grabner created a blog. He's written two entries since, going to bat for the Players Association and attempting to justify their position to us common folk. It offers a glimpse, if only a faint one, into the mindset of a 25-year-old NHL player experiencing his first lockout.

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Moments with John & John

October 19 2012 12:59PM

We may be missing our Canucks right now, but what about the voices that define them?

The hole that the NHL lockout has left in our lives is evident anywhere you go on the Internet. Blogs have taken to creating fake seasons, recapping games they didn't watch, and covering their team's AHL affiliate in excruciating detail. We miss our hockey, and more specifically, we miss our teams.

But more than that, as this lockout drags on I'm finding myself missing the culture that surrounds my team, and a big part of that culture is the play-by-play during broadcasts. A key step in falling in love with your local sports team is familiarizing yourself with the voices that represent it. They give a texture to the viewing experience, a narrative for the club's history.

Or, sometimes they just like to regale you with suggestions on how to best enjoy your Kraft Dinner (lots of ketchup).

You know where I'm going with this. Let's take a minute to appreciate the notable calls and quirks of the two main voices of the Vancouver Canucks: John Shorthouse and John Garrett.

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