Canucks Army Roundtable: We Are The World

Matthew Henderson
September 09 2016 10:21AM


Like it or not, the controversial tournament that is the World Cup of Hockey is about to take over your airwaves and your national pride for the next month or so. Pre-tournament games started yesterday, and if the early games (aka not the NA/Europe game) are any indication, the level of energy and physicality might surpass the low expectations that most fans have cast upon this event. Sweden and Canada go in as the favourites from both groups, but the newly formed under-23 North American squad, the powerhouse Americans and the always explosive Russians will surely give those squads a run for their money. Finland, the Czechs and a rest of Europe squad round out the tournament, and we can only hope as fans that they put on a show before we get to the NHL season. In the roundtable, we kept it simple. See more after the jump!

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Dark Horses

Matthew Henderson
September 02 2016 03:46PM


September has hit the city of Vancouver like a semi-truck, but all that means is we are closer and closer to the NHL campaign. This time of year, all the pre-season lists and predictions hit the blog-o-sphere and posts get sent out that people try to forget by season's end. Every season it happens too, a team that was supposed to be great isn't and a team that was supposed to disappoint does the opposite. Colorado, a couple years back and Philadelphia last year come to mind as examples for the latter. This week, I took it to our writers to see who they think is the NHL's dark horse this season. More after the jump!

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Canucks Army Roundtable: International Ice

Matthew Henderson
August 26 2016 03:00PM


As we just watched the Canadian athletes take the country by storm during the Rio Games, and are awaiting the World Cup of Hockey starting in a short while in Toronto, it's hard not to think about the highly controversial topic that is the NHL at the Olympic games. It has become a staple every four years since 1998, when NHL players were first allowed to compete in the games. Are we ready to go back to a world where the NHLers simply carry on during the games and pretend it's not happening? I took the question to our staff of writers. More after the jump!

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Friday Afternoon Rivalry

Matthew Henderson
August 05 2016 03:27PM


It's the dead of the summer, which means it's the time of year that we explore topics that we typically don't get to in the rush of the season. The Oilers and Jets announced their Heritage Classic today (including a beautiful new/old Winnipeg uniform) and it made me think about rivalries and what they mean to a franchise. Who are the Canucks rivals? They have changed a lot over the years, with teams like Calgary staying as constants. In recent memory the Blackhawks and Bruins were big rivals as well. Where do they stand now? Our writers discuss.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Fashion Week, Canucks Edition

Matthew Henderson
July 29 2016 03:18PM


Since their unveiling in August of 2007, the Canucks uniforms have been a controversial topic in the NHL. Some despise the arching "Vancouver" that covers the front of the jersey, while others love the fact they are embracing their city. Most agree, however, that after decades of identity crisis' they finally have themselves back in the right colour scheme. Now, unfortunately, those hoping the Canucks would change their uniforms in a couple years time when Adidas takes over as the NHL's uniform supplier, had a bucket of cold water dumped on them this week.

Trevor Linden co-hosted on TSN 1040 during President's Week and said there are no plans to change the uniforms at all. Is it the right move? Our writers discuss.

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