Why Langley Needs Vancouver's AHL Team

Matthew Henderson
February 17 2015 01:00PM

With the AHL expanding into the California sun next year, and every team in the Pacific – save Vancouver – moving their affiliates westward, the Canucks are going to eventually follow suit. Utica just doesn’t make sense anymore with all of Vancouver's closest NHL competitors with an obvious geographic advantage, so there is one place that the Canucks should move their AHL affiliate to: Langley, British Columbia and the recently constructed Langley Events Centre. 

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NHL 94 Recap: Canucks defeat Wild 3-2

Matthew Henderson
February 17 2015 12:30AM


Click past the jump for our NHL94 inspired infographic look at Monday night's epic Canucks victory over the Wild.

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How the Vancouver Canucks Can Learn from the Seattle Mariners

Matthew Henderson
October 19 2014 06:28PM


Now, I know. It’s hard to compare sports, especially hockey and baseball. But the parallels that can be drawn between the two can show that the Canucks can learn from their Pacific Northwest counterparts success, and downfalls. 

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Infographic: Alain Vigneault's Canucks Tenure

Matthew Henderson
May 25 2013 05:12PM


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Sedin Draft Infograph

Matthew Henderson
September 08 2012 06:07PM


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