To Boo or Not to Boo, That is the Question

The Stanchion
November 20 2014 12:30PM


(Picture courtesy of @sportsnetirf )

Every once in a while, a question comes along that the statistical side of Canucks Army cannot answer. A question that no matter how deep you dive into the numbers, an answer will not be forthcoming. A situation where Canucks Army has to call upon their emotional leader, yours truly (I like to hand out arbitrary titles to myself), to figure out a solution. 

That question, of course, is should Canucks fans boo Ryan Kesler in his return game to Rogers Arena on Thursday?

In the famous words of my buddy Thomas Drance, read more past the jump!

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Fireside chats with Wyatt: Bobby Sanguinetti Edition

The Stanchion
November 15 2014 12:30PM


With the Canucks surviving the California trip and flirting with first place in the NHL (I've heard rumors first place is seeing other people), what better time than now to have another fireside chat where we can all gather around and share stories of players we hate, players we like, and Lucas Sbisa. 

Also, it got really cold, really fast in Vancouver, so a fireplace is sorely needed. Read more past the jump!

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Back to the Future: 1992 Hockey

The Stanchion
November 01 2014 01:26PM


Last weekend I had a poker tourney with my buddies, and as each person got eliminated, they would go to the "Loser Lounge" and watch hockey as they waited for the winner to be decided. The first game on TV was the Islanders-Stars game, which showcased an impressive lack of defense and goaltending. Anders Lindback made me feel really good about my own goaltending abilities, as he got ventilated repeatedly by the Islanders left and right.

After that game was over, however, we stumbled into the NHL GameCenter Vault, and found the game 7 showdown from 1992 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Winnipeg Jets. We popped that game on, and while I remember watching this game as a child, I had forgotten just how much hockey has changed since the early 90's. So sit back, relax, and come on a time travelling adventure with me as we take a fond look back at the game of hockey back in 1992.

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Fireside Chats with Wyatt

The Stanchion
October 25 2014 05:00PM


Sometimes I have a topic in mind and I will write like a mad man, excited to deliver my thoughts to the masses, so we can all talk very specifically about what I had in mind. Other times there is just simply not much going on, and with the Canucks only seven games into the season, I honestly don't have it in me to beat the drum of an ill-formed narrative based on such a small sample size. I've seen people call Sbisa the devil, I've seen people blame the Canucks loss to Dallas on the Kesler/Luongo trades, and I'm pretty sure someone thinks Desjardins' moustache is ruining the power play. Based purely on seven games of action.

With that being said, it's Saturday, it's almost Halloween, I thought it would be fun to do the typical "what's running through my head" article, as that is far better than anything else I could attempt right now. Unless you guys really did want me to do that article on Joacim Eriksson is the missing link to the Canucks Stanley Cup run of 2018... Read more past the jump!

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hockey

The Stanchion
October 14 2014 09:30AM


I had two options when writing my article this week. One, try and break down the Edmonton Oilers game and somehow try and use a sample size of one to forecast the Canucks season and how it will go, or two, take the week to talk about how that was the first game of hockey I have enjoyed in a long time. And while I know I should probably try and talk about how that game showed the Canucks odd approach to defense (they are very gracious hosts, allowing multiple visits to their slot without bothering their opponents), I thought it might be fun just to talk about a subject that brings all of us here in the first place; the simple love of hockey. Read more past the jump!

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