Big Changes Coming? Five Core Canucks Who Could Be Traded

Jeff Angus
May 16 2013 10:01AM

Last weekend, I shared some thoughts on the five most valuable Canucks. The list was met with some criticism (mostly – why did I even make it?), as many wondered the point to rank players that will likely never get traded.

First off – if Wayne Gretzky can get traded (sold), than any player can be moved. Who saw Philadelphia moving Jeff Carter and Mike Richards a few summers ago? 

And secondly, it is always good to do an evaluation of all players, from top to bottom. Dan Hamhuis doesn’t get the credit he deserves from Canucks fans for how good he is on a consistent basis, and Daniel and Henrik Sedin are still elite two-way forwards, even if their offensive production isn’t where it was a few years ago.

Anyway, today’s list looks at the five most valuable and tradable assets in the organization. Could the Canucks conceivably trade the Sedins? Sure, it could happen. But the odds of such a trade are very, very, very low.

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Top Five Trade Values on the Canucks

Jeff Angus
May 11 2013 01:32PM

Grantland and ESPN’s Bill Simmons recently published his 2013 edition of his top 50 NBA trade value rankings. I “borrowed” the idea last year and ranked the top 50 NHL trade values, and will be doing the same in a few months once the Stanley Cup has been awarded.

And I’m going to use the same rules and factors to rank the top trade values in the Vancouver organization. What I am taking into account:

  • Age matters
  • Contracts matter
  • Position matters

Read on for the list, some honourable mentions, and a few other thoughts.

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Digesting Yet Another Disappointing Finish

Jeff Angus
May 09 2013 10:15AM

We will have ample time this spring and summer to analyze what went wrong with the Canucks in 2013. Mike Gillis is a patient man, and I would expect him to remain that way for the coming weeks before making any decisions. Emotions are very high once again after a miserable postseason performance in Vancouver, and unlike last summer, big changes are expected to be on the way.

There isn’t really a focused topic or theme to today’s column – just 1000 words (roughly) on four major issues that have affected the team over the past year or two.

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Quick Fixes for Game 3 in San Jose

Jeff Angus
May 04 2013 01:16PM

Although they are down two games to none in the series at this moment, the Canucks have played pretty solid hockey for the most part (outside of Wednesday’s first and third periods). However, I am not really sure if that is a positive, or not. The fact that they have generated three goals in 120 minutes while playing good hockey is reason for concern.

Antti Niemi has been good when needed, but San Jose’s defense group (on paper, at least) is nothing to write home about. The Larry Robinson factor is definitely playing a part in their success, but the Canucks simply haven’t been able to turn their physicality and hard work into meaningful scoring opportunities.

Read on for some subtle lineup changes that the team should make for Game 3 at the Shark Tank on Sunday evening.

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A Look at the Best CBC Pregame Montages

Jeff Angus
May 02 2013 10:35AM

Ray Ferraro, Chris Cuthbert, and the rest of the TSN crew did a phenomenal job calling Game 1. Ferraro is one of the best colour guys in the business, while CBC likely rues the day they let Cuthbert jump ship over to TSN. That being said, we are now missing out on the awesome CBC montages put together before each game.

The music choices are usually phenomenal and work well with the chosen clips. Let’s take a look at some of the best Canuck montages from recent years.

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