Trading Alex Edler: Who to Target (Part III)

Jeff Angus
June 02 2013 10:28AM

Loui Eriksson - Wikimediacommons

In the final installment of the Alex Edler trade series, we take a look at one more forward who the Canucks could target if they do end up shopping the big Swedish defenseman this summer. Here were the previous posts:

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Coaching Candidate Profile: Dallas Eakins

Jeff Angus
May 28 2013 10:18AM

Dallas Eakins - Wikimedia commons

The Canucks have requested permission to interview Toronto Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins, the request was more a formality than anything that was required, and he's seen as a leading candidate to succeed Alain Vigneault behind the Canucks bench. Eakins has been the head coach for Toronto’s AHL affiliate (the Toronto Marlies) since the 2009-10 season, and he has been coaching in the Leafs organization in some capaciy since 2005.

Is he the right fit for the Canucks? Read on for a lot more on Eakins the man, the coach, and the teacher. A stick tap to Clayton Hansler, who provided me with phenomenal analysis. Clayton (@chanler) is a writer, producer, and reporter for Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment, and has covered every single game of Eakins’ tenure as the Marlies bench boss.

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Trading Alex Edler: Who to Target (Part II)

Jeff Angus
May 26 2013 09:25AM

Eberle/Oshie - Wikimedia commons

On Thursday, we looked at two potential trade targets should the Canucks choose to shop skilled defenseman Alex Edler. Let’s look at a few more today.

Before we begin, though, I wanted to get to a few more things about trading (or not trading) Edler.

As I mentioned on Thursday, his name is only surfacing in speculation because he seems to be the only core player with great trade value (and the only one that could be realistically traded). You don’t move players like Edler for the sake of it – he’s a proven top pairing defenseman with a lot of great qualities.

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Trading Alex Edler – Who to Target?

Jeff Angus
May 23 2013 11:04AM

Bobby Ryan - Michael Miller Wikicommons
Bobby Ryan - Michael Miller Wikicommons

The reason Alex Edler’s name is popping up in trade speculation isn’t because he is bad. On the contrary – of all Vancouver skaters, he arguably has the highest trade value. Smart teams would probably prefer Dan Hamhuis to Edler, but Edler is younger, bigger, and puts up better numbers. For most people in hockey, that equates to more trade value.

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Bigger? Faster? Younger? Tougher? How About Better?

Jeff Angus
May 18 2013 01:01PM

There isn't one single way to win in the NHL. 

NHL teams often look to the recent Stanley Cup Champion(s) for some insight into how to construct a winning roster. The Washington Capitals went away from their successful run-and-gun strategy because a defensive Montreal team stymied them back in 2010. Washington finally found success again this season, largely because of a return to a more offensive brand of hockey.

After watching the Bruins and Kings steamroll their way to the Cup in 2011 and 2012, respectively, many teams (including the Canucks) have placed a mandate on getting bigger. With fewer infractions called in the postseason, bigger players are at more of an advantage. They can use their size to wear down smaller opposing players, and the speed factor isn’t as pronounced with an increase in obstruction.

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