Should Gillis Always Draft One Goaltender?

Jeff Angus
November 24 2011 08:54AM

Joe Cannata is having a stellar season in the NCAA, but was he a good value pick at 179th overall?

Mike Gillis has made it a point to draft one goaltender each year since taking over the Canucks back in 2008. With so many late-blooming goaltenders making an impact at the NHL level in recent years (Niklas Backstrom, Antti Niemi, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Jonas Hiller, most notably), the question needs to be asked: is it worth using a draft pick on a goalie? The Canucks signed their top goaltending prospect, Eddie Lack, after he was passed over a few times at the draft. Projecting how a 17 or 18 year old goaltender will look at the NHL level in a few years is much harder than doing the same with a forward or defenseman.

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Chatting with Burrows

Jeff Angus
November 20 2011 10:37AM


Editors Note: Jeff Angus got a chance to sit down and chat with Alex Burrows yesterday. They talked about a wide range of things – his charity work, movies, music, Halloween costumes, the Davis Cup, and how Burrows is dominating the Canucks fantasy football league.

Angus: Alex, I hear you have been doing some work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. How has the experience been for you?

Burrows: We have worked with the NHLPA and donated 50 sets of equipment to kids in need, and they were really happy to get it. That was a lot of fun. On Sunday, I am going to meet this kid who is coming in from Alberta who says I am his favourite player.

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The Great, Good and Bad of the Mike Gillis Era

Jeff Angus
November 18 2011 04:28PM

Not many people knew a whole lot about Mike Gillis when the Canucks hired him in the summer of 2008. The firing of Dave Nonis came as a bit of a shock, and the fan base wasn’t given a whole lot of time to digest the move before Gillis came in as the replacement. In a little over three years, Gillis has managed to turn Vancouver into one of the most desirable destinations for players to play in the league. He has leveraged his experiences as an agent – he treats players fair, and he has been rewarded with some favourable hometown discounts (most notably from the Sedins, Kesler, and Burrows).

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Cody Hodgson and Failing Successfully

Jeff Angus
November 18 2011 09:08AM

We shouldn’t be surprised to see Cody Hodgson perform well above expectations this season. Like a few current and former great players in Vancouver, he has battled adversity early in his career after being a highly-touted prospect. Does failure lead to success? Does early career adversity help players in the long run? Yes seems like the logical answer judging by several recent examples.

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Early Season Hardware

Jeff Angus
November 13 2011 10:25AM

The Canucks have been predictably inconsistent through quarter mark of the 2011-12 regular season. A short summer combined with some key injuries have contributed towards the turbulent start. While it is premature to get a clear picture of how the rest of the season will progress, it is never too early to hand out some awards, especially those of the made up variety. 

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