December Awards

Jeff Angus
December 22 2011 11:57AM

Back in early November, I (figuratively) handed out some hardware to Canuck players. Some of the “trophies” awarded were more serious than others. At the time, the Canucks were hovering around the .500 mark, thanks to sluggish starts from a few key players. Since then, they have been on a tear, thanks to said players playing much, much better. Cory Schneider channelling Dominik Hasek for a few weeks didn’t hurt, either. Why don’t we hand out some more awards that are completely made up and mean absolutely nothing!

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Delivering the Sauce: The Sedin's Bag of Tricks

Jeff Angus
December 15 2011 08:06AM

I promise I won’t mention anything about David Bolland or his comments in today’s post (from now on, of course), but I do want to talk a bit about the Sedins. The amount of criticism they receive isn’t really surprising. They are both humble, mild-mannered, clean players on the ice who do an immense amount of charity work and are fantastic human beings off the ice. So are why are some in the hockey world still criticising and mocking them? As we are starting to see with great frequency, winning and success breeds jealousy.

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Defenseman Trade Targets

Jeff Angus
December 08 2011 09:10AM


It is no secret that the Canucks coaching staff does not consider Keith Ballard a top four defenseman. There are a few reasons as to why (his level of play, most notably). Ballard is a great skater, but he gets lost in defensive coverage, and often times struggles with gap control against rushing forwards. He can’t play the right side, which makes it tough for him to move up the depth chart with Dan Hamhuis and Alex Edler firmly entrenched as the top two left side defensemen.

With the past (and present) injuries to right-sided defensemen Kevin Bieksa and Sami Salo, a lot of pressure is put on the likes of Aaron Rome and Andrew Alberts to step in and play a larger role on the right side. The Canucks need to add at least one defenseman before the trade deadline this season, and one that can preferably play a top four role on the right side. I’d go as far to say it is the only real weakness the team will need to shore up (depending on the injury situation up front).

Chris Tanev may step back in and assume an important role down the stretch like he did last season, but relying on an unproven sophomore is far from a foolproof strategy. The Canucks could very likely swap out Ballard and bring in a more stable defensive defenseman. They could also keep Ballard and bring a defenseman in, but I can’t see them continuing to justify paying a bottom pairing (at best) defenseman over $4 million annually. So who are some of the potentially available defensemen the Canucks could target?

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15 Points to Consider

Jeff Angus
December 04 2011 06:17PM

The Nuge has impressed Jeff Angus, that and more!

1. The following point has been raised numerous times over on the DobberHockey forums. Why does fantasy hockey include PIM as a measurable statistic? The reason why stats aside from goals and assists are included in most pools is to increase the number of relevant players. It is fun to construct a roster that needs to be well rounded. However, rewarding PIM seems very counterintuitive to real life hockey.

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Delivering the Sauce: Numbers Game

Jeff Angus
December 01 2011 09:41AM

As the saying goes, the numbers rarely lie. Plus-minus is probably the statistic that is least representative of performance, but it does serve a purpose (when used in the proper context). Advanced statistics have a place in hockey, especially in terms of evaluating underperformers and overperformers. That being said, there are many simple-to-calculate and readily available statistics that are often ignored. I play a lot of fantasy hockey, and two numbers that I often pay attention to are zone starts and power play ice time. Starting in the offensive zone versus starting in the defensive zone has a huge impact on overall production (duh), while power play ice time can be the difference between a 40-point and a 60-point season for a second line forward. The two best resources on the net are Behind the Net and DobberHockey’s Frozen Pool Tools.

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