Delivering the Sauce: The Window to Win

Jeff Angus
April 26 2012 08:21AM

There is no shortage of relevant Canucks topics to discuss right now. Planning for the summer and beyond seems a tad premature, as does writing a eulogy for Roberto Luongo as a Canuck. Will Mason Raymond be back? Much to the chagrin of many, I’ll say yes. What happens to Keith Ballard? Do the Canucks address the lack of a playmaker on the second line? Who do they build the third line around? The answers to these questions will come in due time.

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Delivering the Sauce: Game Five Adjustments

Jeff Angus
April 20 2012 10:42AM


The Canucks played a near-perfect road game on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. That they received stellar goaltending from Cory Schneider certainly helped, as did all-world performances from Daniel and Henrik. However, the Kings were the better team through forty minutes, and the Canucks will be hard-pressed to win another three straight against them. To sound cliché, taking it “one game at a time” is exactly how this situation must be looked at. With that in mind, how can the Canucks improve on their performance for game five on Sunday night?

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Game Two Adjustments

Jeff Angus
April 13 2012 09:07AM

The Canucks were thoroughly outclassed in game one by a bigger, more physical, and much more disciplined Kings squad. Thankfully the series is a best-of-seven and not a best-of-one. The Canucks are in a hole, but they've got time to stem the tide and there were some bright spots on Wednesday (Jannik Hansen was sensational, as was Roberto Luongo). But there are also a number of issues to iron out if the team hopes to level the series before heading to Los Angeles on the weekend.

Read past the jump to find out what they are.

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Alex Friesen is Heating Up

Jeff Angus
April 05 2012 09:07AM

During the course of the season, I've tried to bring attention to several less heralded prospects in Vancouver’s system. That trend continues today with a profile on Niagara Ice Dog and 2010 6th round draft pick, center Alex Friesen.

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How the Canucks Can Avoid Last Season's Playoff Problems

Jeff Angus
March 29 2012 08:49AM

For a team to win the Stanley Cup, a lot of different factors have to correlate in their favour. Health, goaltending, and special teams are the three most important (in order). We saw all three affect the Canucks negatively during last spring's Stanley Cup Final loss. Boston was healthier, they received better goaltending, and their penalty kill stifled Vancouver’s league-leading power play and snsurprisingly, the Bruins won in convincing fashion. Are the Canucks now better equipped to deal with the issues that plagued them in the Final last year?

Read on past the jump to find out.

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