WWYDW: Playoffs?

Jackson McDonald
January 11 2017 09:00AM

what would you do wednesday 

The Canucks find themselves in a bit of an odd scenario. They're on a bit of a run, so to speak, having won six in a row before dropping their latest contest in Calgary. That puts them right back in the thick of the playoff hunt, but also in the midst of a rebuild.

Even if the team were to make the playoffs this season, that doesn't mean the rebuild is complete. The Canucks are still in desperate need of young talent, and with expansion looming, would perhaps be best served dealing some of their older players for futures. That is, unless you believe the team can make a serious run.

So, this week's question is, do you deal vets for picks and prospects at the deadline, or hold on to your guys in hopes of making a prolonged postseason push, even if that means losing a good player for nothing?

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WJC Wrap-Up: How The Canucks Fared At The 2017 World Juniors

Jackson McDonald
January 07 2017 09:00AM

The World Junior Hockey Championship hasn't exactly been kind to the Canucks over the past two years. It's been just one year since Jake Virtanen's face graced the cover of the Vancouver Province, emblazoned with the phrase, "Goat Medal Winner?", and while this year's disappointments lacked the drama of Canada's 6th place finish in Helsinki, it's safe to say the optics of Olli Juolevi's performance this season rival the latter in terms of sewing seeds of doubt in Vancouver.

The Canucks had just two prospects at this year's tournament, and have only two assists to show for it, as Lukas Jasek's Czech Republic and Olli Juolevi's Finland both failed to make the medal round, finishing seventh and ninth, respectively. 

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Canucks Army Post-Game: I've Got A Six Pack, And I Don't Need You

Jackson McDonald
January 07 2017 12:04AM

There's an old adage that says history is written by the winners. If we believe that to be true then the story of tonight's game was about a plucky group of misfits that white-knuckled their way into their sixth straight win, buoyed by great goaltending and sheer will. 

Make no mistake, this was not the case. The Canucks got manhandled tonight by the Flames, getting outshot 46-13. This was a game that had all the hallmarks of a 2012-13 leafs performance: get a little lucky, score a few quick goals, collapse, and hope your goalie bails you out. Luckily for them, that's exactly what Ryan Miller did tonight. 

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WWYDW: Anton Rodin Exists

Jackson McDonald
January 04 2017 01:00PM

what would you do wednesday 

In last week's preamble, JD spoke about how the Canucks' elimination from playoff contention was only a matter of time. Well, wouldn't you know it, now they've won four in a row! That's not all that happened this week, though. Anton Rodin also appeared in his second game of the season, after being a healthy scratch in three straight games. 

The team looked uninspired in Rodin's first appearance, but played well enough to win against Colorado. Rodin even finished the night with one point, an assist. He also didn't play in the final half of the third period. 

So, with Rodin healthy, where would you like to see him play? Would you break up the red-hot Baertschi-Horvat-Burrows line? Does he play with the twins? Or do you leave him out of the lineup in favour of someone else? 

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: January 2nd, 2017

Jackson McDonald
January 03 2017 09:00AM

monday mailbag 

On behalf of Canucks Army, I'd like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year. I'm taking over the mailbag this week from JD, who is presumably worse for wear. As for the Canucks, they're on something of a hot streak recently, so let's hope that's a sign of better things to come, for both the club and all those that struggled through 2016. 

You've got questions, I've got answers. So let's get into it, shall we? 

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