Why The Canucks Are Probably Not Acquiring A 20-Goal Scorer

Jackson McDonald
November 02 2016 03:00PM

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Pierre LeBrun sent ripples through Canucks twitter yesterday when he reported that The Canucks are seeking to acquire a 20-goal scorer. 

This development shouldn't be a shock, considering secondary scoring has been a topic of conversation since early in the offseason. It's perhaps a little surprising that it took them less than a month into the regular season to decide their lineup isn't working for them. 

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Canucks Army Postgame #6: The Walking Dead

Jackson McDonald
October 23 2016 10:09PM

postgame 6

When we look back on the 2016-17 season, we may very well say that October 23rd was the night the Canucks came back down to earth. It was the same script we've seen before. The Canucks were down after two periods and began to mount a comeback in the third. Unfortunately, tonight we got a more realistic ending, as the Canucks' hopes were dashed and they fell to 4-1-1.

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The Canucks Should Look To Acquire More Draft Picks

Jackson McDonald
October 19 2016 06:21PM

It's clear that the Canucks are intent on competing for the playoffs while also acquiring and developing young talent for the future. What's less clear, at times, is which of the two takes priority over the other. Since even the most optimistic of prognosticators wouldn't describe the Canucks as a "win-now" team, I'd imagine it would have to be the latter. 

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Canucks Army Postgame #3: Party Up

Jackson McDonald
October 19 2016 12:38AM

game at a glance 3

It was a battle of the undefeated tonight at Rogers arena with the Canucks, having won their first two games, hosting the St. Louis Blues, who boasted a 3-0 record of their own. It looked as though it may have finally been time for the wheels to come off the wagon, but surprisingly, it was Vancouver that was able to hold on to their record, battling back to win the game in OT. 

Vancouver was full value in tonight's win, finishing in the black by possession metrics against a Western Conference juggernaut, and coming away with their third win in as many games thanks to timely goals by Bo Horvat and Henrik Sedin.

The Canucks are undefeated in 2016-17. Up is black. Down is white. We're living in Bizarro World.

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Canucks Army Postgame #1: Sutter Shuts 'Er Down

Jackson McDonald
October 16 2016 01:13AM

It was a relatively uneventful affair, as the Canucks became the final team in the NHL to begin their season, facing off against a Calgary Flames squad that had already played two games. Things weren't looking good through the first 40 minutes, but the Canucks were able to come away with the shootout win, and that's all that really matters.

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