Utica Comets Week in Review: Oct 17th - 23rd

Jeremy Davis
October 25 2016 03:00PM

Header Week 2 - Cassels

Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

The Comets' offence finally woke up and it brought them their first win of the season, but keeping the puck out of their own net continues to be a struggle - they've allowed 17 goals in four games so far, which is the worst goals against per game rate in the AHL. Yikes.

The was a lot of lineup shuffling this week as well, as Travis Green tries to find the right combination of players to score more and get scored on less. If there is a silver lining here, it's that they only allowed seven goals last weekend after allowing ten the weekend before. Baby steps.

Check out all this an more in this week's Utica Comets Weekly Report.

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Canucks Recall Troy Stecher (!!!) and Jayson Megna From Utica

Jeremy Davis
October 24 2016 04:24PM


Photo credit: Vancouver Canucks twitter (@canucks)

The Canucks resisted the urge as best they could, but they have finally succumbed to the inevitable and recalled Richmond legend Troy Stecher from Utica. Fans rejoiced around Vancouver as they've been clamouring for this since he was reassigned to the AHL prior to the start of the season. Vancouver's hot start to the season assuaged some of the Stecher-angst, but their first regulation loss last night has turned the tide. The Canucks need Troy Stecher!

They'd do anything to get him here, so they're even letting him bring a friend. Stecher has chosen 26-year old right shot centre Jayson Megna to be his travelling companion.

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Utica Comets Week in Review: October 10th - 16th

Jeremy Davis
October 20 2016 03:00PM

Troy Stecher - Comets

Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

Welcome back to the Utica Comets Week in Review! It's been roughly six months since the last edition, but the long off season has finally come to an end - although given how they played against the Marlies on the weekend, the Comets might have thought they were still on vacation.

In fairness, games against the Marlies are poor measuring sticks of the capabilities of an AHL team - the Marlies are still a ridiculously dominant American League team, even though top prospects like William Nylander and Connor Brown have moved on to the NHL.

Still, a pair of lopsided losses is hard to swallow. The Comets were tagged for five goals in each one of them, while only managing to score four goals in the two games combined. The most interesting part however may be this: Jordan Subban had a hand in each one of them.

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Prospect Spotlight: Brett McKenzie - How Good is Good in a Draft+2 Season?

Jeremy Davis
October 20 2016 11:00AM

Canucks prospect Brett McKenzie is off to a flaming hot start in the OHL. The 194th overall pick in the 2016 draft has scored seven goals in his first eight games. With five assists to go with them, he is producing at a clip of a point and a half per game.

While those numbers are quite impressive, they come with a caveat - no, not sample size, though of course that’s a relevant point. Instead, I’m referring to his age. Though the Canucks picked up McKenzie’s rights just a few months ago, he’s already playing in his draft-plus-two season, as he was taken in his second year of draft eligibility.

And so we have to ask the question: how good is good in a draft-plus-two season?

Warning! This article contains math! But also highlights.

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The Comets Roster Series Part 4: Meet Your 2016-17 Utica Comets

Jeremy Davis
October 14 2016 07:00PM

Comets Bench

Photo credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

After making one final roster move and waiting to see what became of Emerson Etem, the Utica Comets announced their 2016-17 opening roster on Thursday. The roster contains 16 forwards, eight defencemen and two goaltenders, for a total of 26 players.

Read on to check out the official opening roster for the new Comets season, which kicks off tomorrow.

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