Utica Comets Week in Review: December 5th to 11th

Jeremy Davis
December 14 2016 07:25PM

The Comets only amassed three points out of three games last week, with a win and a shootout loss, but it's still hard to ignore how much better they've looked over the past several weeks. Add to that the fact that Jake Virtanen is finally putting the puck in the net and the Comets were becoming pretty exciting to watch.

And that was before the Canucks sent Pedan, Rodin, LaBate and Demko down to Utica.

Are the Comets more fun to watch than the Canucks now? Probably. But before we ponder that, let's see what the Comets were up to last week.

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Canucks Recall Thatcher Demko ?!?!?!

Jeremy Davis
December 10 2016 10:40AM

Header Week 7 - Demko

Photo credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

Word slipped out late last night that the Canucks had recalled prized goaltending prospect Thatcher Demko from Utica in advance of their game against the Florida Panthers tonight.

This represents a serious deviation from their plans heading into the season, but even the best laid plans often go awry and circumstances have all but demanded this: those being that goaltenders Ryan Miller and Richard Bachman are injured at the same time, jamming the Canucks in terms of an NHL backup for Jacob Markstrom tonight in Sunrise, Florida.

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Canucks Recall Andrey Pedan, the Obvious Option in Utica

Jeremy Davis
December 08 2016 12:58PM

The Canucks announced this morning that Andrey Pedan had been recalled from Utica, which is not the least bit surprising.

Pedan has played 18 games so far in Utica, compiling two goals (both of which have come in the last handful of games) and one assist. He's been a consistent presence on the top pairing and spends as much time as any other defender in Utica on the penalty kill.

In all likelihood, Pedan is just here to keep a seat in the press box warm, but we'll go over how his season has gone all the same.

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Utica Comets Week in Review: November 28th - December 4th

Jeremy Davis
December 07 2016 06:44PM

Header Week 8

Photo credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

Another week has gone by in Utica, and it was one more week that has demonstrated that the best prospect in Utica is the one between the pipes. Thatcher Demko has been a force to be reckoned with, and it seems that he only gets better with each passing game.

Up font there hasn't been much to write home about, though Canucks fans can at least take solace in the fact that Jake Virtanen scored his first NHL goal, and Andrey Pedan has finally been getting rewarded for his strong play.

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Utica Comets Week in Review: November 21st - 27th

Jeremy Davis
December 06 2016 09:00AM

Header Week 7 - Demko

Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

This post covers the Comets games from November 21st to 27th. The games from last week are not included and will be covered in the next article, which should be coming soon.

Travis Green has long been touted as the coach in waiting in the Vancouver Canucks organization. When the NHL club was in the midst of a nine game losing streak, and Willie Desjardins was firmly planted on the hot seat, many wondered if Green's chance was coming soon - that is, until they looked at the AHL standings and realized that Utica had one of the worst records in the American League.

However, in the last couple of weeks, things have turned around. The Comets strung together a four game win streak that just happened to come when their roster was at its most precarious position all season, with a myriad of injuries and call ups that essentially meant that a full top six forward and top four defence was unavailable to them. And then, must like he did last season, Green took a rag tag group of AHL contracts and PTO's and extracted some of the best hockey the Comets have played all season.

All this and more in the this season Comets Week in Review.

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