Utica Comets Weeks in Review: December 12th - 31st

Jeremy Davis
January 06 2017 04:00PM

Header Week 10

Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

So I've taken a bit of a winter vacation when it comes to my duties as the Utica Comets correspondent, which makes that this issue is going to cover a three-week span in which the Comets played seven games. I'll condense bits here and there to try and prevent a feature that's already pretty wordy from getting too bloated.

Of interest over this period of time was the conditioning stint of Anton Rodin, who finally played his first professional regular season game in North American since 2013, after spending three seasons in his native Sweden.

Aside from that, Alex Grenier, Curtis Valk and Jordan Subban continued to put up some points, while Thatcher Demko struggled mightily and the Comets' losing streak hit nine games.

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Jordan Subban Named to AHL All-Star Classic Roster

Jeremy Davis
January 05 2017 02:52PM

The rosters for the American League All-Star Classic are out today, and the Comets have one player headed to Lehigh Valley to participate. Yes, every team needs to be included, just like in the NHL, but the Comets' contribution to the All-Star game is well deserving of the honour: Jordan Subban, second on the Comets in points, as a second-year defenceman no less.

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Fun With the CBA! Roster Sizes, Contract Limits, and Multiple Waiver Claims

Jeremy Davis
January 04 2017 03:20PM

The Vancouver Canucks claimed Reid Boucher off of the waiver wire this morning, and there was much rejoicing - after all, Vancouver fans had grown accustomed to the notion that Jim Benning and co. might never make a waiver claim again.

There is still a little bit of discontent among the fanbase however, as Ty Rattie (who we endorsed) slipped by the Canucks to the Carolina Hurricanes. Between that and Matt Nieto being waived by the San Jose Sharks this morning, there are some questions about the process behind making multiple waivers claims in close succession.

Which means it's time to dive back in to our trusty Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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Vote on the Canucks Best Prospects For the Midterm Rankings

Jeremy Davis
January 03 2017 02:15PM

As we've done for the past several seasons, we'll be publishing a list of the Vancouver Canucks prospects, from best to worst, to go with a series of write ups on how the players are progressing and projecting. This year (as was also done a few years ago), we're looking for your input to help with the rankings.

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Consolidated 2017 Draft Rankings: December

Jeremy Davis
December 22 2016 01:00PM

The 2017 NHL Entry draft is still a little over six months away, but for some teams' fanbases (including that of the Vancouver Canucks), the draft can't come soon enough.

In the interest of being overprepared, I've put together a consolidated draft rankings, in the vein of what Tom Hunter and Jon Steitzer did for The Leafs Nation last year (and Tom is continuing to do this year at the Bloggers Tribune). Now we can get a nice early glimpse at who's projected to go at the top of the draft and throughout the first round, and by continuing to follow the ranks each month, we can get a good idea of whose stock is rising and falling.

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