CA's All-Time Greatest Canucks Team: Trevor Linden

Jeremy Davis
September 08 2015 12:00PM


I'm relatively certain that the only reason I was brought on here at Canucks Army is because I was the only person left in the Canuck blogosphere that will still write good things about Trevor Linden, and everything else I post here is just collateral damage.

Born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Trevor Linden was a proud westerner taken 2nd overall in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft by Pat Quinn and the Vancouver Canucks. He became something that Canucks fans were not used to - a draft pick that paid immediate dividends. Linden scored 30 goals in his rookie season and demonstrated a level of work ethic that was unheard of in a teenager. And that was only the beginning.

Regardless of how you feel about his managerial skill in the present day, we're going to spend some time reliving the Linden we knew from 1988 to 2008. Let's get on with my glowing assessment of Trevor Linden, the player - easily one of the greatest Canucks of all time.

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CA's All-Time Greatest Canucks Team: Daniel Sedin

Jeremy Davis
September 07 2015 06:50PM


No two Canucks have ever been quite as successful as Daniel and Henrik Sedin, and it's just an added bit of serendipity that they happen to look exactly alike.

In 1999, then-GM Brian Burke made several moves at the NHL Entry Draft to ensure that the Canucks (who began the weekend with the 3rd overall selection and ended up with the 2nd AND 3rd overall selections) would be the only team to leave town with both Sedin twins, who were already budding stars in the Swedish Elite League.

In the 15 years since, the Sedins have become the identical faces of the franchise, pillars of the community, and etched their names all over the Canucks record books. Daniel is known as the shooting Sedin, but his passing abilities are almost as impressive as his brother's.

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CA's All-Time Greatest Canucks Team - Doug Lidster

Jeremy Davis
September 01 2015 11:30AM


Kamloops born Doug Lidster was drafted by his local team in the 7th round of the 1980 NHL Entry Draft. Following four years at Colorado College, Lidster joined the Canucks, spending 10 seasons on the Vancouver blue line.

Like Thomas Gradin, Lidster was a good player on some bad Canuck teams. His entire Vancouver career fit snugly in between the Canucks' first two Cup Final runs in 1982 and 1994. His best season came in 1986-87, in which he racked up 63 points (still a Canucks record among defencemen) on a team that produced only 26 wins.

During his time as a Canuck, Lidster was voted the team's best defenceman four times. He makes the cut on our Canucks All-Time team.

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Comets Unveil 2015-16 AHL Schedule

Jeremy Davis
August 28 2015 10:00AM


(From the Utica Comets Press Release)

The AHL released its full 2015-16 schedule today, and there are plenty of changes in store for the Utica Comets.

Due to all the tumult with the geographical location of the 30 American Hockey League franchises, there has been plenty of conference and divisional restructuring this off season. The Comets will visit buildings they've never been to and host teams that have never played in the AUD before, as well faceoff against plenty of old and new rivals, and partake in a couple of encounters with former teammates.

Let's dive in and examine the particulars of the upcoming Utica Comets season.

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CA's All-Time Greatest Canucks Team: Thomas Gradin

Jeremy Davis
August 27 2015 09:43AM


He was a playmaking Swedish centreman whose pass-first approach both wowed and occasionally frustrated fans. Though you knew he could score, shooting always seemed to be his last resort, even passing on the occasional breakaway. Even though everyone know he was looking to pass, his vision was such that defenders were often powerless to prevent him from finding linemates in prime scoring position. It was the 1980's, and - wait a second, who the hell am I writing about?

Oh, right.

Thomas Gradin was just one identical twin winger away from being the 1980's answer to Henrik Sedin. Hailing from the town of Sollefteå, only an hour away from Örnsköldsvik, even his accent is of the same dialect as the wonder twins. Add to this that he played for Modo in the years before arriving in North America, and he also has a brother named Peter who played hockey but was never drafted... The resemblance is some kind of freaky. He was basically a Sedin before Sedinery was even cool.

Gradin easily makes the cut for the Canucks' All-Time team. Let's find out why.

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