Psychic or Voodoo: Why Aren't Jim Benning's Trades Coming Back to Bite Him?

Jeremy Davis
November 11 2015 09:48AM

Jim Benning earned the moniker Trader Jim at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, making move after move. While Benning was much quieter at the 2015 Draft, he still picked his spots throughout July and August and slowly but surely turned his roster over.

The popular belief right now is that Jim Benning is terrible at trading. It’s not strictly about the players involved, but rather about the value of these players as assets. It certainly seemed that the Canucks were bleeding value in nearly every trade that Benning made when looked at from the vast majority of statistical perspectives.

But a funny thing keeps happening: Benning’s deals seem to turn out alright simply because things keep going horribly wrong for the assets that he ships off. So naturally, the question becomes, does Benning see this coming, or is he a more active participant in their misfortunes? In short, is Jim Benning a psychic, or has he been practicing voodoo?

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Accounting for Variations in the Canucks Possession Statistics

Jeremy Davis
November 04 2015 03:21PM

The completion of the first month of the hockey season is always a good time for reflection. How did the Canucks fair in the opening month? How do they stack up against competition around the league?

I’m a stats-loving blogger writing for a stats-loving website, so obviously I’m curious to see where the Canucks sit in terms of possession numbers. Research has shown time and time again the relationship between controlling a higher ratio of shot attempts and long term success. It’s not the be-all-end-all, but it can be a very telling statistic.

So it’s hard to be anything but disappointed after finding the Canucks down near the bottom of the league in Corsi. So I thought to myself, how can I manipulate these fancy stats to make myself feel better? What I found were a number of peculiarities in their possession numbers that warranted further investigation.

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The Key to Making the Playoffs May Be How Awful the Pacific Division Is

Jeremy Davis
October 29 2015 05:15PM

Now that the Canucks have toppled the top team in the NHL, we can start feeling good about ourselves again. Sure, it's probably way too early to be considering the playoffs, but it seems appropriate given what's going on in the rest of the Western Conference.

Despite the Canucks' (now broken) recent string of losses, they still have 11 points in 9 games - good enough to sit second place in the Pacific Division, with only Los Angeles above, and Arizona, San Jose, Edmonton, Calgary and Anaheim below. Just a few weeks into the season, the Canucks have a six point lead on the Flames and a seven point lead on the Ducks, two teams who were supposed to be at the top of the division.

If there is any chance for the Canucks to make it to the post-season again this year, it’s likely going to be because the Pacific Division is suddenly just so f#%king terrible.

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#FreeWeber: The Power Play Needs Some Real Change

Jeremy Davis
October 22 2015 06:28PM

The Canucks are just 6 games into the 2015-16 campaign, which is far too early for any sort of crisis.


Possibly because I’m too emotionally attached and overreact to minor things, especially after losses - and extra especially after losses to the Edmonton Oilers… gross.

But at least part of my panic seems founded - the Canucks are currently 1 for 20 on the power play to start the season, and that only goal came from the second unit (if you just time travelled here from midway through the 2014-15 season, you’d think I’m a liar, but it’s true).

There are a myriad of reasons where the first unit is struggling out of the gate, but there most glaring to my eyes appears to be the notable absence of Yannick Weber.

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Where is Sven Baertschi?

Jeremy Davis
October 16 2015 04:45PM

Every season, a portion of the fan base selects a couple of Canucks players to pick on. Sometimes they deserve it, but often these criticisms take on a life of their own.

Last year, Linden Vey and Kevin Bieksa seemed to take a good portion of this type of criticism, among others. Sure they disappointed more than one would hope, but the lynch mob tended to be so blinded with 45 years of frustration that they couldn’t acknowledge when something positive happened.

Well, some of these fans got their wish: Linden Vey and Kevin Bieksa are no longer on the Canucks roster, meaning that the negative crew will have to find someone new to slog on.

Enter Sven Baertschi, Canucks nation’s newest sacrificial lamb.

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