March 21 2015 12:27PM

Here's the thing: I HATE THE KINGS. I always have and always will. Their fairweather fans when things aren't going well could be worse than Vancouver's. They're just a bunch of wheel spinning, vowel buying, come on down price tag wearing, spray tan housewives of Beverly Hills fakes. You've been called out. Since the 2012 season though, beating the Kings isn't exactly easy and then there's those two rings. Man I hate them.

The season series is all LA; three wins against the Canucks and Vancouver has been slaughtered 12-3 on the score sheet. The game on March 9th was so fun most of us left the house. So going into today's game, Vancouver needs to dig deep to somehow manage two points  and it won't be easy; not to mention, the Canucks will be without Zack Kassian and Brad Richardson.

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March 19 2015 03:05PM

Lets just get this out of the way: this might be a trap game. The 'Bus is coming off a win last night in Edmonton where the shootout decided it all, so they ended late and then had to travel to Vancouver. They're pooped! As for the Canucks, they've won two straight against, well, the Leafs and Flyers. They still count and so help me if they lose this one. I mean, IT'S COLUMBUS!!! They are the sixth worst team in the league.

Aside from a setback (Editor's note: a setback has happened since this writing. How fortuitous!), Zack Kassian should be in the lineup and then we all play "Who comes out of the lineup that isn't Ronny Kenins?" Maybe Linden Vey will get injured or something, because Kenins seems to just luck out when someone comes back.

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Canucks Army GDT #69 - Canucks vs. Flyers

March 17 2015 01:00PM

It's Pat Quinn Night. That alone gets many of us excited and rightfully so, he was a great man and he played hardball while taking the Canucks to the next level. He also drafted Pavel Bure with confidence, so I am personally thankful for that. The Canucks host the Flyers this evening and with so much emotion after the pregame cermony, Vancouver needs to be focused on sending the Flyers further down the standings.

The last meeting between these two went amazingly well for the Canucks. Imagine that awful start by Markstrom and how quickly that game got away, and then switch the result in the Canucks favour, but with Ryan Miller instead. Nick Bonino scored a modified spin-o-rama from the top of the circle and got the hype machine revving. Three goals on 12 shots was all Philly needed from Ray Emery that night to pull him. Beating the lowly Leafs on Saturday should have the Canucks feeling good, and hopefully they back that performance up with another full effort.

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March 14 2015 01:18PM

There aren't a ton of games to really get up for lately in Vancouver, but anytime the grammatically incorrect Leafs roll into town it's must see TV. I personally will have my "Leafs Suck" button on as I cheer on Vancouver and so help me if the basement dwelling buds don't disappoint.

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