5 Reasons to Hate The Flames

April 15 2015 07:02PM

Remember when the Flames beat the Canucks in Game 7 back in 2004? Of course you do, how could you forget? 

Todd Bertuzzi was suspended, Dan Cloutier was injured, and the swashbuckler Ed Jovanovski was sitting in the penalty box when the baby giraffe Alex Auld surrendered the final goal. We lost. Martin Gelinas buried us and made us cry.

But in case you've forgotten how to hate the sad sack Albertan clubs in the decade since, we've got five reasons why you should hate Calgary after the jump.

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April 15 2015 09:00AM

You probably didn't sleep last night did you? Understandable, I mean, it's the first day of playoffs! Game 1 is finally here and just hours away. We've heard all the series previews and predictions and now its time to play the games for real. Canucks and Flames, best of 7, TONIGHT!

The Canucks have quite the seasoned team going into this post season and despite what the experts say, if a few things go their way, Vancouver might be able to accomplish something they've never done: beat the Flames in less than 7 games (not counting the best of 5 series). OH, you thought I meant the Cu....It's Game ONE, settle down.

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April 11 2015 03:07PM

What a season it has been! When it all began, most of us thought the Canucks would be finding themselves or working their way back to credibility by the end of the season; boy were we way off! There still is one more key game left though, the Edmonton Spoilers are in town tonight. Spoilers...get it? they beat the Kings? Okay, you got it.

Edmonton will probably look to lose this game to try and lock in as good a chance as they can get to snag McDavid or Eichel. That's fine with the Canucks. Vancity could use the win to solidify home ice to start the playoffs against the Flames, but with Calgary absolutely tanking against the Jets today, thats already been decided. Not a ton of storylines in this one....OH YA, RYAN MILLER STARTS!!!! 

The tingly feeling of the playoffs is among us, let's just keep this one professional today. Canucks go for the season sweep of the Oilers. Not surprising, but still important. #moralvictory

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April 09 2015 01:45PM

In the words of the great Bryan Adams "Can't stop this thing we started, you gotta know its right." Well said, you Canadian icon. Well said.

So, since the last game was played the Canucks have clinched a berth in the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, no big deal. But let's not dwell on the past - we have a game to play! The Arizona Coyotes are in town this evening and their "sweepstakes" are getting close. You know what I'm talking about.

Vancouver is hoping to lock down home ice advantage for at least the first round with their remaining games, so with the Coyotes in desperate need of a really good player in say, the first overall pick area, maybe a loss to the Canucks isn't so bad. This series has been a gong show this year and the Canucks took the last game 3-1. Who knows what to expect, but one would assume a Canucks win is probably in the cards.

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April 06 2015 01:00PM

Not getting it done on Saturday forces the Canucks to make it right tonight. The LA Kings are in town, unless you've lived under a rock the past few days. But even if you had, you knew that before, so stop living under a rock! The wounds are still fresh after that epic playoff-like game two weeks ago and both teams desperately want the win this evening.

No doubt Tyler Toffoli will be public enemy number one after his blatant cheap shot on Alex Burrows last game. Derek Dorsett, Kevin Bieksa, or - the turtle whisperer himself - Jannik Hansen may exact some revenge if Burrows doesn't. This one is a big 4 point game and some may talk about clinching after it's over. They don't get bigger than this.

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