Babych Please - November 1st

Grainne Downey
November 01 2014 03:30PM


Three wins aside, the highlight of the week was probably watching the Canucks walk blindfolded through a maze of pie-plate landmines. 

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Babych Please - October 25th

Grainne Downey
October 25 2014 01:44PM


I'm not saying that it was a bad week for the Canucks, but the highlight may have been Zack Kassian's moment of brilliance saving the Canucks from paying for their bad change. The "it's not fun to be a Canuck" narrative has certainly been a strong one this week, but when it is not?

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Babych Please - October 18th

Grainne Downey
October 18 2014 02:45PM


I've come to the sudden realization that writing fun, weekly wrap-ups of Canucks hockey is probably easier when the schedule does not consist solely of 2 games against the Edmonton Oilers. But if Dan Hamhuis can return after bleeding as much blood as he did on Friday night, I can at least try. 

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Babych Please - October 11th

Grainne Downey
October 11 2014 10:00AM


Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be at least a handful of my round-ups of the Canucks off-ice adventures. Ideally there will consistently be enough material here to distract from the inevitable goaltending controversy, broken defensemen, and general despair throughout the season.

Read past the jump for our first installment of your new favourite Canucks Army feature, Babych Please!

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