WWYDW: Eff Em Kay

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 30 2015 10:24AM


Photo Credit: Bob Frid / USA Today Sports

We've all heard of the game "F***, Marry, Kill" right? You pick three people, and you're forced to attach an individual fate to each of them. It leads to tough decisions, like the ones the Canucks will have to make with some of their kids. So let's play a modified version of that game.

Welcome to Full-Time, Mature, Kloser Look.

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Canucks Lose Game of Bounces in 2-1 Heartbreaker

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 29 2015 11:49PM


If this season is going to carry a losing pattern, it's going to include a lot of games like this. Despite holding their own and eventually outshooting the San Jose Sharks by a solid margin, the team suffered a couple of unlucky bounces and had next to no offensive luck, leading to a 2-1 loss.

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Benning: "If the kids deserve to be there, we'll make room for them"

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 29 2015 10:08PM

If we're being honest with ourselves, most intermission interviews are cliche-filled piles of dead space that do nothing more than hold your attention span so the broadcaster can sell a less-desirable commercial break slot for just a little bit more. Sometimes, however, you gain some actual nuggets of information of them; Jim Benning's chat with Sportsnet's Dan Murphy was one of those times.

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September 29 2015 04:00PM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sordin/USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to beautiful San Jose, California. Home of computers and technology and stuff. They have a hockey team that has poor lighting when televised. Your Vancouver Canucks have stopped here for a game because it's only fair after forcing the Sharks to play in Hockeyville.

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Utica Comets Announce Training Camp Roster

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 29 2015 03:33PM


Image via Twitter.com / @UticaComets

Now that the Canucks have trimmed enough fat to switch from "having a look" to "getting ready for puck drop" the Utica Comets are well-positioned to begin their 2015/16 training camp. Here's who will make the trip to Lyon, France.

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