How Have the Canucks Fared at 3-on-3?

J.D. Burke
January 30 2016 09:00AM

The NHL's new implemented 3-on-3 overtime format has been nothing short of a revelation in a league where offence goes to die. It's ice hockey, on steroids. There's so much space, time and open ice for the league's best to work with and the results have been exhilarating.

Unless you're a Canucks fan, of course. This new format has been nothing short of soul-sucking, as the Canucks have been worked regularly at 3-on-3 dropping nine of twelve contests in the inaugural campaign (according to

With the All-Star Game adopting the 3-on-3 format - with each division sending a team of their own to play in a round-robin tournament - let's have a look at where the Canucks have fared by this state and where they compare leaguewide. 

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Babych Please - Jan. 29th, 2016

Grainne Downey
January 29 2016 05:58PM


The Canucks will not have the opportunity to lose games until next Thursday, so as Daniel Sedin heads to Nashville and his teammates head to fancy beach resorts, we get to focus on fun stuff such as Jared McCann's opinions on Calgary and Chris Tanev's fondness for pillows! 

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The Canucks All-Time 3 on 3 Tournament

Matthew Henderson
January 29 2016 05:09PM


The Canucks have a long, storied history; some bright days, some not-so-bright. Fellow members of the Blogosphere over at Buffalo Sabres blog "Die By The Blade" broke down the Sabres by era and created 3-on-3 teams from them. With the All-Star game quickly closing in, that inspired me to do the same.

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Friday Roundtable: About Those Playoffs

J.D. Burke
January 29 2016 02:10PM

Entering the All-Star Break, the Vancouver Canucks are essentially a .500 hockey team. Sounds sub-optimal, until you look at the rest of the Pacific Division and realize the Canucks are just two points removed from a playoff spot.

Against daunting odds, this franchise has insisted that they aim to compete for a playoff spot, year in and year out. Playoff revenue is often cited as the driving force in this most Sysephian of tasks, but the Canucks have also stated their desire to groom the next generation of prospects in a winning environment. I've no respect for the former and all the admiration in the world for the latter, but that's another topic for another day.

In the meantime, I took the Canucks Army writers to task on the topic, asking how confident they were of the Canucks playoff chances.

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Raffi Torres Hurts People; On Waivers

J.D. Burke
January 29 2016 01:24PM

Former Vancouver Canucks forward, Raffi Torres, has been placed on waivers by the San Jose Sharks. Torres last skated with the Canucks in their 2011 Stanley Cup Final match with the Boston Bruins, before leaving via free agency to the Phoenix Coyotes.

Much was made in the preceding campaigns of the Canucks inability to replace Torres' pugnacity and violence in the lineup, prompting Mike Gillis to try and reacquire Torres at the 2013 NHL Trade Deadline. Time, suspensions and a bevy of injuries have since passed, but I can't help but wonder if there's a player worth giving a shot here.

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