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August 21 2015 06:45AM


Pavel Bure's Legends Hockey League, Trevor Linden defends GM, is Babcock really better than Carlyle, Flames new arena, Sam Bennett at centre, McDavid and Hall get head start on season, free agency and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen

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CanucksArmy Prospect Profile 2015: #12 Thatcher Demko

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
August 20 2015 04:30PM


Canucks fans don't want another goaltending controversy. The fanbase - shaken, perhaps, by the events of the past three years and painfully aware that all it’s going to take for a Ryan Miller/Jacob Markstrom controversy to heat up is a single hot or cold streak - would probably wecome some peace, quiet and stability in net for about a decade. 

The bad news is that we’re probably going to be dealing with another one of these goalie battles in a couple of years. The good news is that Thatcher Demko’s upside appears to be worth the eventual re-aggravation.

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How to Build a Contender - Part 4: The Difficulty of Acquiring Elite Talent

money puck
August 20 2015 01:14PM

article_1143c0c8-e598-472b-adcc-ef44706940c8 (1)
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

In the opening instalments of this series objectively looking at how teams can best build a contending team, we introduced the concept of Goals Above Replacement (GAR) before moving on to explore the impact of aging on player performance, and what sort of salary cap structure is maintained by successful teams

What we've found should come as no surprise. 

The teams with the highest goals against replacement won the most games, and were most frequently among those competing for the Stanley Cup into mid-May and June. When looking at the make up of these teams, it wasn't just that they had a high overall team GAR, but they had two or more players with elite level GAR, typically at least one with a GAR over 15 and one with a GAR over 20. Again, this should come as no surprise. Its the stars and superstars that move the dial in the NHL. Depth matters in the playoffs, but this is how it's always been.

How do teams go about procuring these types of rare talents? Let's investigate in Part 4 of our 'how to build a contender' series.

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CA's All-Time Greatest Canucks Team: Brendan Morrison

Matthew Henderson
August 20 2015 11:05AM

Banner by Matthew Henderson

Before the glory days of 2011, most young of a Canucks fans fondest memories came via the West Coast Express years, where Canucks fans were treated night-in, night-out with of the greatest lines in Canucks history, consisting of Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi, and the unsung hero of the group, Brendan Morrison.

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How to Build a Contender - Part 3: Cap Management

money puck
August 19 2015 10:58AM

Photo Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki/USA TODAY Sports

In the first post of this latest 'How to build a contender' series, we provided an intro to War-on-ice's new Goals Above Replacement (GAR) statistic, and in Part 2, we looked at the impact of player aging on player and team performance over time

What we found in Part 1 was that GAR correlates very highly with goal differential and team points, and that the majority of teams that made the conference finals over the past five years scored very highly in terms of GAR. Putting this all together, if you're trying to build a contender, what you're really trying to do is put together a collection of players who are capable of achieve a very high team GAR. 

Because the goal of any organization should be to build a Stanley Cup winner, in Part 3 of our series, I thought I'd take a closer look into the roster composition of teams who had made it to at least the conference finals in the last five full seasons. 

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