Headshots September 19th

Thomas Drance
September 19 2011 01:35PM

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Now that twitter has got Juice. Doesn't Juice deserve some juice? How about lots of juice, in perpetuity, for as long as the internet exists? Done, thanks to taylorpyatt.tumblr.com.

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In The Scrum: Thoughts & Observations From the Opening of Main Camp

Thomas Drance
September 19 2011 08:14AM

Photograph by: Nick Procaylo, PNG

Editor's note: It's a rare day indeed when CanucksArmy is able to publish a piece with actual access. Today is that rare day. These observations from the opening of Canucks Main Camp were written by friend of the blog Justin Morissette, who is a broadcast journalism student at BCIT in Vancouver. He occasionally blogs about moviesmoonlights as a stand-up comedian and once sang the national anthems at a Canucks game. Follow him on Twitter: @JustinMoris.

Through an equal dose of luck and opportunity, I recently found myself covering the opening day of Canucks’ main camp for a local television station. As the older, more seasoned beat reporters waited around the narrow hallway impatiently as players were led out to face the press one by one, my enthusiasm could not be deterred. “Just wait,” said one veteran. “You’ll come to hate this in time.” As someone who would have otherwise been sitting bored in a classroom had I not been there, standing bored in a hallway waiting to interview hockey players seemed like a pretty great place to be.

The Canucks’ have gone with a different set-up so far in this training camp, in terms of media availability, leading players out by request instead of opening up the room to reporters. While it gives the team more control over what “the message” is, it sadly cuts down on the chance to get an exclusive. I would have liked to have broken off from the pack and struck up a conversation with one of the lesser names in the dressing room to see if I could get something worthwhile, but alas, the opportunities just weren’t there this year. Not yet anyway... Here then, are my impressions from inside the belly of the beast:

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September 17 2011 06:28PM


You can tell that the new NHL season approacheth at full speed. The days are getting colder and wives of hockey fans everywhere are starting to eye the calendar nervously knowing that their attentive summer husband is about to be replaced with a distracted fall model who is glued to the TV and computer and regularly mistakes his children for one another.

Here at NationRadio the talk shifts from Oilers Prospects playing in a myriad of junior leagues and oilers prospects playing at the Rookie Camp.

Its NationRadio. Enjoy!

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The Buffalo Sabres are spending a lot of money

Cam Charron
September 17 2011 09:21AM



Terry Pegula came to Buffalo, bringing along money and a vested ownership interest in seeing the local hockey team win. The issue here is whether the Sabres are spending it in the right places.

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CanucksArmy Podcast

Thomas Drance
September 16 2011 01:23PM


Today's podcast is a somber episode.

Podcast regular Andrey Osadchenko of allhockey.ru joins us to discuss the friends he lost in the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv plane crash. We also get into the reaction of the KHL to the tragedy in terms of whole sale changes in team travel policy, and of schedule changes. We also get into identifying the Russian Bob Mckenzie...

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