Utica Comets Scouting Report - October 7th, 2014

Josh W
October 07 2014 06:30PM


Ex-Comet Mathieu Corbeil still in his Utica Mask - Courtesy of @AHLFlames

Here at Canucks Army, we have a few activities we consistently enjoy: writing analysis on the Canucks, looking at fancystats, and occasionally even watching a real hockey game.  Sometimes we even leave our mother’s basement to attend a real hockey game in person. 

This past weekend, the Utica Comets played two pre-season games both against the Adirondack Flames (AHL Affiliate of the Calgary Flames).  The game on Friday night was in a smaller community arena in Rome, NY rather than their home in Utica, so after work I jumped in my car and headed to upstate New York where I had press access to this game to watch the Comets as they try and figure out their roster.   

Read past the jump because I watched this game.

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Canucks Army Player Previews: Ryan Stanton

money puck
October 07 2014 04:00PM

#485083105 / gettyimages.com

It’s been six months since Mike Gillis was relieved of his position as general manager. Now that we’ve had a bit of time to put away our pitchforks until next spring and reflect on his tenure, it is becoming clear that the Gillis era was the Golden Age of Vancouver Canucks hockey.

In September of 2013, the Chicago Blackhawks assigned Ryan Stanton to waivers. As one of the best run franchises in the league, has developed a habit of consistently drafting and developing excellent talent, and have been in the habit of gifting exciting young defensemen away like goody bags at a children’s birthday party.

While, this shrewd waiver pick up by Gillis was met with very little fanfare at the time, it just may be the last great move of the Gillis era.

Why am I so high on Stanton? Find out on the other side of the jump.

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John Tortorella - Great Coach or Greatest Coach?

The Stanchion
October 07 2014 11:30AM

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Before the regular season begins, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about John Tortorella one last time. I feel like I never gave him a proper send off, and I wanted to make sure I gave one of the greatest coaches in Canucks history his just due.

Although our time together was short, John had quite an impact on the city of Vancouver. I remember his hiring like it was yesterday... (read more past the jump)

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Canucks Army Player Previews: Tom Sestito

Josh W
October 06 2014 05:00PM

March 1st, 2013 - a landmark date in Vancouver Canucks history. That was the fateful day on which the Canucks claimed Tom Sestito off of the waiver wire, ushering in the glorious era of #TopSixtito and moral victories for everyone!  

Well, not quite. The actual story goes like this:

With too many men on their roster, the Canucks were forced to put Aaron Volpatti on waivers in hopes of sending him to the Chicago Wolves. Unfortunately for the Canucks, the Washington Capitals claimed the B.C.-born grinder, and to make matters worse, only a few short hours after Volpatti was put on waivers, Canucks brass was informed that Ryan Kesler was injured and Vancouver did not need to waive anyone.  To make up for the lost man, Vancouver claimed whomever they could on waivers the next day in a reactionary move, and that lucky man was none other than Tom Sestito.

Many fans, except those who love face-punchers, were not too happy with this turn of events, especially considering how it all unfolded.  Further to their disliking, Sestito was re-signed that summer to a two-year, one-way, $1.5M contract by Mike Gillis.  Last season, after a total of 34 NHL games played over his previous six, Tom Sestito played his first full season in the NHL, leading the entire league in fighting majors and PIMs.

Read past the jump to see how Sestito fared in his first real NHL season. Spoilers: it wasn't good.

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Canucks Army Player Previews: Henrik Sedin

Thomas Drance
October 06 2014 02:00PM

#485083135 / gettyimages.com

Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin is coming off of his worst offensive season, and perhaps not coincidentally, the first injury plagued season of his career. A hallmark of durability and offensive consistency throughout his career, Sedin missed 12 games and the entire Olympics with a variety of rib and leg related ailments, and finished the season with his lowest point totals since the 2004-05 NHL lockout. 

The 34-year-old playmaker is getting long in the tooth, so some decline is to be expected at this stage of his career (though I've always contended that his drop off would be less precipitous than your average player due to his style of play and level of fitness). Was Henrik's 2013-14 season an outlier then, or was it something more troubling like the first major sign of his atrophying abilities as a top-end NHLer?

Read on past the jump for more.

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