Canucks Army Contest: A Chance to Go Head-to-Head with Roberto Luongo

Dimitri Filipovic
August 05 2013 12:24PM

Judging by his face, Roberto Luongo ain't playin' games. Well, except this time, and that other time.
Image via Lights Out Poker.

Here at Canucks Army we make a point of attempting to give back to our loyal readers. Whenever we hold creative meetings with our staff, we bounce arounds ideas in which we could make the site more interactive, and get you guys involved in some capacity. Not too long ago, we came up with the idea of running a T-Shirt design contest, which was a hit.

Now, we've got something else in the works. Let me ask you a question: are you a fantasy football player? If so, great. But even if you're not, don't stop reading, and don't let that stop you from entering your name into this particular competition. Pretty much the only requirement for you to be eligible to participate is that you are required to have a desire to beat Roberto Luongo at something, and that you promise you'll do your due dilligence in doing so.

Would you like to be able to tell your friends that you squared off against Roberto Luongo and came out on top? We're now giving you a chance to go mano-a-mano with the winningest goaltender in Vancouver Canucks franchise history. Read on past the jump to find out how you can participate in what I personally think is a pretty cool opportunity.

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Prospect Profile: #20 Alex Friesen

Cam Charron
August 05 2013 09:36AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

This is less a prospect profile about Alex Friesen and more an editorial comment on the state of the Vancouver Canucks prospect system pre-2013. My ranking of Friesen at No. 13 in the Canucks' system, which I understand is the highest that anybody gave him, was not based on any new information we learned in the 2012-2013 campaign, but just a general observation that he's further along in his development and I haven't learned anything about him over the last 12 months that would take away from the fact that I could "potentially see him play in the National Hockey League someday".

Not much in the National Hockey League, mind you. If you click on his profile from last year, you'll see that Friesen played an important role on recent Niagara Ice Dogs teams as the lead defensive centreman on the team. He's basically a more physical, offensive Manny Malhotra, which I suppose any NHL team would love to have, but it's unrealistic to project his junior talents to the majors at this point.

Read on past the jump for more on Friesen, our 20th ranked prospect in the Canucks system.

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August 01 2013 10:32PM


It's still the summertime doldrums here at the Nation. With little news expected in the next few weeks before things heat up prior to the season starting articles involve projections, speculation, rumours and British people bombing down hills after a wheel of cheese. 

And today we present an article on the new trash button and what it means to society. If you want an article about EV/60 or something else substantiative keep on truckin soldier. If you want to know why we created a trash button that will probably lead to fist fights in the comments section for all eternity read on.

This is an article about the business of the Nation and nothing more. You have been warned.

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The Canucks Could Use A Few More Sedins: Line/Tier vs. Team Production

Dimitri Filipovic
August 01 2013 12:21PM

The Sedins have a right to look tired, considering the load they carried for the Canucks last season.
Image via Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck.

Over at NHL Numbers, Travis Yost published a fascinating research piece today, which I figured merited some discussion on this platform. Essentially, he took each Western Conference team's most regularly used 12 forwards (based on even-strength time on ice), and broke them into 4 tiers. After doing so, he took into account each individual's corsi (a proxy for possession, but you already knew that), before adjusting it for zone starts. You'll note that the strength of competition was not factored into this assessment.

But why tiers? Given the amount of line tinkering that goes on over the course of a season - due to injuries, lack of production, or Alain Vigneault simply mistaking his lineup card for a blender - I like the idea of separating the top 12 into tiers, rather than strictly labelling lines 1, 2, 3, and 4. At least for these purposes. Most of the time, the two will line (pun intended) up anyways.

Past the jump we'll take a closer look at what Mr. Yost found when compiling the numbers for the Canucks, and what it means. I'll give you a little hint for what to expect: thank your lucky stars that the Sedins are a thing.

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Chris Tanev is still unsigned, and that's okay

Cam Charron
July 31 2013 02:43PM

Chris Tanev is not signed yet to a National Hockey League contract. That is okay. Several players are not signed to National Hockey League contracts that will play hockey games this season, and many of them are more valuable than Chris Tanev. Notable unsigned restricted free agent defencemen are Alex Pietrangelo, Jared Cowen, Cody Franson and T.J. Brodie.

Each defenceman has their own strengths and own weaknesses. The point of this post is not to attempt to guesstimate just what Tanev will make on the open market, but just to point out just how little leverage Tanev has in these negotiations.

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