Canucks First Round Outlook

Thomas Drance
April 26 2013 11:57AM

One more weekend left before the playoff excitement begins!
Photograph by Jeff Vinnick, NHLI/GETTY

Just like Thursday night's shrug of a contest at Rogers Arena, Saturday's Canucks game on the road against the Edmonton Oilers will have no real meaning for either team. The Canucks have locked up the third spot in the West, they can't move up or down in the standings. As such, avoiding a cheap shot from a frustrated Taylor Hall, testing out Corrado to see whether or not you can count on him in the postseason (so far so good), and getting the special teams units a bit of additional practice is really all the Canucks should be pushing to do on Saturday night.

But there will be four other contests worth paying attention to this weekend, four games which will impact the identity of the Canucks opponent in the first round of the playoffs. So in advance of the final weekend of regular season hockey why don't we take a look at the lay of the land, which clubs the Canucks could realistically meet in round one, and which teams you should root for this coming weekend.

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The Canucks Week in Quips for April 26

April 26 2013 10:06AM

God only knows where we'd be without Lou. (Photo: Harry How)

This is a regular Friday feature combining a healthy mixture of observation, analysis, and foresight on the Vancouver Canucks. If you'd like to get at me about anything covered in this column, follow me on Twitter at @yyjordan and let's start a textual relationship (wink).

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Canucks Get Down on One Knee, Chug Sugary Vodka Based Beverage

Thomas Drance
April 26 2013 12:27AM

Mason Raymond takes a penalty. I guess the refs didn't realize that all Ducks must get iced in Vancouver.
Photograph by Jeff Vinnick NHLI/Getty

You know when you're looking for the good frying pan in the cupboard, but instead you find a 500 mililitre jug of Smirnoff Ice that your bro hid, and so you have to chug it while everyone laughs? Odds are you don't live in a frat house and haven't actually experienced the rather specific situation I'm referring too, but it sucks, and it's old hat, and in that way a lot like Thursday night's Canucks game.

The Canucks were listless through forty minutes, with Ryan Kesler going so far as to call the club's effort in the first two periods "embarrassing." I wouldn't call it embarrassing because, who really cares? It was game forty-seven, there's really nothing for the Canucks to play for, they lost a one goal game that was decided by a softy and no one got hurt. So it was a crummy effort and a really dull game, but lets approach it the same way both teams did: it's just not a big deal.

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Evening Headshots: April 25th

Thomas Drance
April 25 2013 06:19PM

Great shot of the Sedin twins by Michael Martin (NHLI/Getty)

Today at CanucksArmy, Jeff Angus handed out some NHL hardware and snubbed Henrik Sedin, Cory Schneider and Christian Ehrhoff, we checked in on some parting shots between the Canucks and Wolves organizations as the affiliation agreement between the two clubs expires (and also ran down some quallity of competition estimates for Canucks prospects), we previewed Thursday night's game against the "Ducks," and Austin Wallace turned in episode three of the Week of a Canucks Bandwagoner series.

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The Week of a Canucks Bandwagoner (Episode III)

Austin Wallace
April 25 2013 02:31PM

Photograph by Jeremy Lim.

If you believe in luck or superstitions, maybe I shouldn’t be writing here in the playoffs. The games after I write my weekly bandwagoner article, the Canucks play terribly. After my first article, the Canucks lost to the Avalanche for the first time in regulation in three years. After the second article, that was the Dallas 5-1 game. If you look at the news coming out after that game, the vocal majority was certainly foretelling the doom and gloom of a first round exit. It also seems like I write my article at high points of our collective confidence in the Canucks. All of a sudden, the Canucks feel like worldbeaters again after beating a dominant Blackhawks team. So yeah, I'm a little scared.

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