A (Very Early) Look at the 2013-14 Canucks Lineup: The Defensemen

Jeff Angus
July 11 2013 12:47PM

Ryan McDonagh, who flourished under John Tortorella - WikiCommons

The Canucks still possess a solid team, especially on the back end. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the team right now though. The Canucks were swept in round one, they fired head coach Alain Vigneault this summer, and the inaction from the front office has removed a lot of the optimism that was once ever-present surrounding this team.

Much to the surprise of absolutely no one, the Canucks bought out defenseman Keith Ballard last week. And to the surprise of a few, they shopped Alex Edler at the draft. Moving Edler would have taken a very, very nice return, and I think the team just wanted to get a feel for the trade market.

Assuming the team goes forth with the defensive group they have now, how are things shaping up for this coming season?

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CanucksArmy Gear: Fresh Gear Versus Whack Gear

Thomas Drance
July 10 2013 09:12AM

It's summer time and that means the hockey news cycle is light. It also means it's time to wear t-shirts, the perfect summer garment. Simply put the summer tee has never been improved upon as a piece of warm weather clothing since time immemorial. And that's despite American Apparel's efforts to "innovate" with things like a v-neck collar so deep it shows off your dick...

And wouldn't you know it, we have some pretty sweet CanucksArmy Gear T-Shirts for sale featuring The Stanchion's limited edition "It's a Riot" Design (as voted on by our readers). But they're only available until Friday, then the t-shirts will go away forever, and you'll be left wearing out of style plaid and flop sweating like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News all summer long.

So Buy some CanucksArmy Gear Today!

Still not convinced? Need to hear a hard sell first? Okay. Read past the jump.

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A (Very Early) Look at the 2013-14 Canucks Lineup: The Forwards

Jeff Angus
July 09 2013 12:02PM

Zack Kassian - Wikimedia Commons

The dog days of summer won’t set in for a few more weeks, but the craziness of the past few weeks (heck, since January) has finally started to slow down. We will be rolling out a lot of prospect content in the coming weeks, too. The Canucks have had a pretty bare prospect cupboard since… ever, but thanks to the Cory Schneider trade and a highly-touted prospect falling into their lap, the future looks a bit brighter.

But how about the present? Let's take a look at some potential line combinations for opening night.

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Casting Call, and some Self-Indulgence

Thomas Drance
July 09 2013 11:24AM


We rarely do housekeeping posts at CanucksArmy. We generally prefer for this blog to remain uncluttered and pure with only unfiltered, opinionated, numbers based takes on all things Canucks hockey. But we'll make an exception today, becasue we're reshuffling the decks somewhat and are looking for new talent.

We need you to join the (Canucks)Army, so read on past the jump.

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Sometimes You're Better Off Lashing Yourself To The Mast

Graphic Comments
July 07 2013 04:09PM

There are two ways to win at free agency...

Look, I understand. You watched that free agency feeding frenzy Friday and think the Canucks missed out yet again. Well take a deep breath and relax. For the most part it was all just empty calories. Rather than adding to their strength, much of what happened in the first day of free agency was teams gorging themselves on bloated contracts.

Yes, there were a handful of solid deals made on Friday, but the vast majority involved teams paying for past, as opposed to future, performance.

So, I for one, am glad Gillis had his hands tied by being right up against the cap.

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