Canucks Army GDT #30 - Canucks @ Predators

Dimitri Filipovic
December 03 2013 01:24PM

Carrie Underwood apparently isn't the biggest Marek Mazanec fan..

The Canucks visit the house Joel Ward built JP Dumont's old stomping grounds Music City to take on the Nashville Predators for the first time this season, as they conclude their 4-game roadtrip. If recent history is any indication, they're due for a stinker.. but trends are there to be broken, so I wouldn't be putting too much stock into this particular one of up-and-down play.

If you haven't heard by now, they'll be without Alex Burrows (for both this game, and the next several ones as he tries to recover from a recently broken jaw). That's no excuse, though; their opponent tonight has been dealing with a litany of injuries all season long, and they'll be icing a depleted lineup once again in this one.

Wake up, Carrie, there's a game to be played!

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Alex Burrows breaks his Jaw, Out 4 Weeks

Patrick Johnston
December 03 2013 11:07AM

Oh boy. Alex Burrows' season from hell continues on in the worst way. After being sidelined for 12 games following the opener back on October 3rd, Burrows failed to find the back of the net in 17 games (despite a healthy dose of chances and opportunities). Now, he'll have to wait at least 4 weeks to get his 1st of the year..

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Your Graphic Guide To 2014

Graphic Comments
December 03 2013 08:46AM

Give the gift of time!

It's like Christmas, your birthday and April Fool's Day all wrapped up in one!

This year, you can give the gift of time.

And I don't mean a lousy wristwatch. I mean, they can't even be bothered to put a full day on a watch. Twelve hours, sheesh.

No, instead of a measly twelve hours, you can give out twelve months! That's like giving someone 365 watches. How generous is that?!!

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Report: Gino Odjick hospitalized; lingering concussion issues

Cam Charron
December 03 2013 12:34AM

This popped up in Le Journal de Montreal Monday night. Translation mine:

Gino Odjick is going through some difficult times. Last week, he attended his father's funeral. This weekend, he was admitted to hospital for problems related to concussions he sustained during his hockey playing career.

That all fell under the headline GINO ODJICK NEEDS HELP. Being Sun Media you can expect some clickbait with regard to titles, but the full story from Montreal journalist Marc Foy is pretty serious.

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Overfitting, trends, and small samples

Cam Charron
December 02 2013 01:30PM

The Canucks have not won a game where Kevin Bieksa has scored a goal.

For those of you that followed a certain conversation on Twitter yesterday...

I'm a little annoyed at the focus on "The Canucks are X-0-Z when they've scored a amount of goals, but are 0-Y-Z when they've scored b amount of goals or fewer." You know the one. The problem is that people attribute this to a flaw in the way the team plays games, rather than a simple sampling error.

There are a lot of reasons why records are where they are, and when you're a third of the way through the season, some scenarios haven't presented themselves. It's rare that a team will win a game 1-0 and 2-1, and given the rarity of those events, should it really concern us that the Canucks have not won a game yet by that margin?

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