Brandon Pirri is Available; Should the Canucks Bite?

J.D. Burke
January 31 2016 12:55PM

As the NHL inches towards the February 29th Trade Deadline, more names are being added daily into the churning rumour mill. Count Brandon Pirri of the Florida Panthers among them. The second such occasion in his young professional career, no less.

Speculation was tepid, before being thrown into overdrive by a series of healthy scratches which marked a three-game stretch going into this weekend's All-Star festivities. To the credit of Panthers head coach, Gerard Gallant, Pirri's extended stay in the press box has been described as a motivational ploy for a struggling club.

Not that I bought that in the slightest to begin with, but Pirri's status as an impending RFA on a budget team with several higher priorities on the horizon all but renders that moot. Let's dig in.

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Deadline Day Contest for Free Stuff!

J.D. Burke
January 30 2016 11:00AM

Win stuff and be happy like Ben Hutton!

Is anything more fun than playing the role of Armchair General Manager? Of course not. Don't be silly. It's why I go straight for "Be a GM Mode" when I'm suckered into spending 70-plus dollars on the "newest" version of the EA Sports NHL game, every year like clockwork.

In case you were wondering, every first season I'm #TeamTank and it makes it so much more fun. Jim Benning could learn a thing or two from yours truly, but I digress.

The most fun anyone has when #rosterbating is concocting trade ideas. Hell, look at how much time and space I've dedicated to a deal that has almost no chance of materializing... It's too much fun to pass up on! Enough with my ideas, though. It's your turn.

Check in on the others side of the jump for a chance to win a $50.00 gift card to Violent Gentlemen.

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How Have the Canucks Fared at 3-on-3?

J.D. Burke
January 30 2016 09:00AM

The NHL's new implemented 3-on-3 overtime format has been nothing short of a revelation in a league where offence goes to die. It's ice hockey, on steroids. There's so much space, time and open ice for the league's best to work with and the results have been exhilarating.

Unless you're a Canucks fan, of course. This new format has been nothing short of soul-sucking, as the Canucks have been worked regularly at 3-on-3 dropping nine of twelve contests in the inaugural campaign (according to

With the All-Star Game adopting the 3-on-3 format - with each division sending a team of their own to play in a round-robin tournament - let's have a look at where the Canucks have fared by this state and where they compare leaguewide. 

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Babych Please - Jan. 29th, 2016

Grainne Downey
January 29 2016 05:58PM


The Canucks will not have the opportunity to lose games until next Thursday, so as Daniel Sedin heads to Nashville and his teammates head to fancy beach resorts, we get to focus on fun stuff such as Jared McCann's opinions on Calgary and Chris Tanev's fondness for pillows! 

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The Canucks All-Time 3 on 3 Tournament

Matthew Henderson
January 29 2016 05:09PM


The Canucks have a long, storied history; some bright days, some not-so-bright. Fellow members of the Blogosphere over at Buffalo Sabres blog "Die By The Blade" broke down the Sabres by era and created 3-on-3 teams from them. With the All-Star game quickly closing in, that inspired me to do the same.

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