Jason Gregor
November 01 2012 10:53AM

The Last Gladiators is a documentary about hockey, but it focuses mainly on former NHLer Chris Nilan. The film is honest, funny, realistic and heartbreaking. Nilan talks openly about his career, his drug and alcohol addiction as well as his upbringing with an abusive father. Check your local listings to see where it is playing in your area.

There was an advance screening in Edmonton a few weeks back and after I mediated a Q and A with Nilan and the audience he agreed to do an interview about the movie. He was just as candid in the interview as he was in the movie. I didn't omit any of his responses and the following interview is just a small sample of what you'll see in theatres.

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Projection Canucks Scoring: Depth Forwards

Robert Vollman
November 01 2012 09:21AM

It's time for our third and final piece of looking at different statistical ways to project how many points each of the Canucks will score.

If you're just tuning in, we explained our methodology in more detail in our first piece, which covered the top-six forwards.  We followed that up with a look at the defensemen and finally we'll take a look at the remaining, secondary forwards.

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Yakupov scores twice, Malkin gets 3 assists, Tellqvist with a stellar save, and much more!

Steve Dangle
October 31 2012 09:36PM


Another packed day of KHL action here - 11 games!!! That's more than 10 games. It's science.

Yakupov's looking great, Malkin's looking great, some familiar names, some new ones, and some crazy finishes.

Check it out and enjoy!

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Michael Grabner's blog and the mindset of young players

October 31 2012 12:57PM

Do all the players really stand together? (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images)
Do all the players really stand together? (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images)

A week ago former Canuck and current New York Islander Michael Grabner created a blog. He's written two entries since, going to bat for the Players Association and attempting to justify their position to us common folk. It offers a glimpse, if only a faint one, into the mindset of a 25-year-old NHL player experiencing his first lockout.

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This Halloween, A Trick Would Be A Treat

Graphic Comments
October 31 2012 09:29AM

Hat trick or treat

Seriously, I wouldn't even care if it was Brad Marchand notching a trick against the Canucks.

Ok, actually that's not true. I would definitely care. What I don't care about, it seems, is the NHL. Trying to find something that engages me enough to put stylus to screen has been a chore. It's gotten to the point that for some reason I'm even paying attention to some stupid chocolate bar tournament in the Irrational Post.

How stupid is it? Well, they didn't even include Coffee Crisp. And where's the Kit Kat, or the Oh Henry or the Mars? This is like the AHL version of a chocolate bar tournament. Is there some candy bar lockout I haven't heard of?

Anyway, now that you know how low I've had to sink this week, let's find out what else is in the Graphic Comments Halloween grab bag as we review This Week In Hockey...

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