Everybody hates Raymond

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July 10 2012 06:35PM

Everybody hates Raymond

Mason Raymond can't catch a break. The shifty Canucks' winger took a significant pay cut to avoid arbitration and re-sign with the team for one year and got nothing but grief from the fanbase in return.

It didn't help that the same fanbase was all agog at the possibility of signing one of the two remaining free agents of any significance, Shane Doan. Canucks' fans, of course, have been wanting a tough, knock 'em down power forward ever since the organization traded away Cam Neely for the ghost of Barry Pedersen.

And what a long list of failures, disappointments and embarrassments that quest has been for the Canucks' fan base. Jim Sandlak. Alek Stojanov. Todd Bertuzzi. Taylor Pyatt. Steve Bernier.

But never ones to let constant failure get in the way, we want the Canucks to try again. And in that light, Mason Raymond just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Er, I didn't really mean to say it like that. Ok, maybe a little.

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The Offseason So Far

Cam Davie
July 10 2012 11:26AM

Canucks GM Mike Gillis has been reasonably quiet this off-season,
making safe, reasonable moves. Is it about due for a BOLD decision?
(Photo by Jason Payne , PNG)

It was 29 days ago that the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup on home-ice, and marked the commencement of the 2012 offseason. In the four weeks since, the Canucks have been relatively busy. The team made some curious decisions in terms of who they selected in the NHL draft, and who they've allowed to walk in free-agency. They've become younger too, as General Manager Mike Gillis re-signed Cory Schneider to a reasonable deal, and brought in 27 year old free-agent defenseman Jason Garrison with one of the best value deals of this 2012 "free agent frenzy." 

Usually what we've seen already would constitute the "meat" of the offseason for the team. Between now and September there'd be a couple of arbitration decisions remaining, perhaps some minor trades, several PTO offers and that would be that. But this isn't your usual NHL offseason.

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How did NHLers that shot 8% in 2011 do in 2012?

Cam Charron
July 09 2012 02:36PM

Mason Raymond in his natural habitat.

So Mason Raymond re-signed today, and a fanbase went nuts. But you all know the story. Thom linked to it earlier.

Anyway, I don't think that fans in the Vancouver market truly appreciate shooter regression. Raymond shot at just 8% last season and 7.6% the season before that. Now, there's reason to believe that "Raymond is just a horrible shooter" but like I showed with my Jason Garrison analysis, even four years doesn't generally predict how good of a shooter a player is.

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Canucks Re-Sign Raymond, Avoid Arbitration

Thomas Drance
July 09 2012 12:16PM

Oft-criticized Canucks winger Mason Raymond, who struggled mightily upon returning from broken vertebrae last season, re-signed with the Canucks today. The deal means that Raymond and the Canucks will avoid what was sure to be a contentious "cut down arbitration" hearing.

Here's the official press release from canucks.nhl.com and here are the terms of the new deal, as per Darren Dreger:

Read past the jump for more.

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Nation Radio - July 7, 2012

July 08 2012 10:59AM



With summer weather finally arriving on the ol' dusty plains here in Alberta, a lot of folks thoughts are probably turning to backyard barbecues and water parks and picnics and pin wheels and county fairs and whatever else folks associate with summer vacation.

Not us here at the Nation though. Our hearts and minds stay rooted at the rink - or, as it were, in spreadsheets, internet squabbles over player contracts and twitter flame wars.

This week, Lowetide snubbed the the inviting sun and instead talked contracts, drafts and free agency with a gaggle of guests including Jason Strudwick, Andrey Osadchenko and Jonathan Willis.

This is Nation Radio.

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