REPORT: Canucks pushing to sign Nikita Tryamkin

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
February 03 2016 12:00PM

The Vancouver Canucks might be bringing one of their top European prospects across the pond before the season ends. According to reports, the team is looking into the possibility of having Russian defenceman Nikita Tryamkin play with them as early as the end of February.

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Analyzing the Vancouver Canucks Zone Entry Data Through November

J.D. Burke
February 03 2016 11:00AM

The evolution of the Vancouver Canucks systems play has been one of the more interesting developments of the last three-plus seasons. In that span, the Canucks have had as many coaches, each with their own unique approach to the game. 

A case can be made for these changes being most profound in the way each coach approaches the neutral zone. Intuitively, it's hard to reconcile the importance of the area of play furthest removed from where the goals happen. In reality, controlling the neutral zone goes a long-distance towards securing victory.

It's why I've placed a high amount of emphasis on the neutral zone in how I conduct my analysis at the team and individual level. In doing so, I'm tracking every Canucks game this season and as many from other teams as my schedule will accommodate. About a month back, I looked at the Canucks through the neutral zone for the month of October.

Today, I'll bring you the Canucks neutral zone data through the month of November.

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Why Vancouver Should Host the 2021 All-Star Game

Matthew Henderson
February 03 2016 09:00AM


Picture this... The year is 2021: Google Cars have taken the streets by swarm; Arnold Schwarzenegger is one year into his first term as President of the United States of America; the McRib is back again, for reasons that escape me. Oh, and the NHL All-Star game is returning to the city of Vancouver!

The NHL loves to go to specific places for specific circumstances for the NHL All-Star game. In 2017, they are heading to Los Angeles to celebrate their 50th anniversary, so why not head to the Pacific Northwest in 2021 to celebrate the Canucks? 

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WWYDW: All-Star Hangover

J.D. Burke
February 03 2016 09:00AM

With all the drama going into the All-Star game, there was no telling how well the game would be received. The league had Nashville and the new 3-on-3 format going for them, but there was also the John Scott fiasco in the leadup which kind of soured the mood.

In a last minute show of self-awareness, the league changed its tune and embraced the Scott situation to the fullest. By Monday morning, Scott had the All-Star Game MVP and was the NHL's First Star of the Week. The All-Star Game and everything after has been nothing short of great.

Which brings us to our question of the week: If you could make any changes to the All-Star Game, what would they be? The voting, rules, format, whether it even happens, etc. are all in play. Enjoy!

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Conversation with Hunter Shinkaruk and Brendan Gaunce [Part 1]

Ryan Biech
February 02 2016 03:00PM

Shinkaruk 2

Image: Vancouver Canucks

Late last week I was able to speak to a pair of former first-round picks by the Vancouver Canucks, Hunter Shinkaruk and Brendan Gaunce. I wanted to avoid the cliches of the usual hockey conversation, opting to try and get a peak into the mindsets of these developing forwards and what makes them tick.

Given the length of the conversation and variety of topics covered, it will be split into two separate posts with part one having a heavy slant towards their developmental years, in junior and Utica alike; part two will be focused on NHL development and their bright futures.

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