Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings #8: Will Lockwood

Jeremy Davis
January 20 2017 06:00PM


We at Canucks Army take a whole lot of pride in being right about things, but it's also extremely important to acknowledge when you are wrong - otherwise, you'll be doomed to make the same mistakes in the future.

We are certainly learning, and it narrowly stopped us from making the same mistake twice. We panned the Gaudette pick in 2015, and after a great freshman year at Northeastern, we had to admit we were wrong. That's why even though we were plenty skeptical about the selection of Will Lockwood in 2016, we figured we'd better give the Canucks' USHL scouting staff the benefit of the doubt.

And as it turns out, that was the right choice to make, because just seven months after being drafted, Lockwood is looking like a pretty great pickup. He checks in at #8 on our Midterm Prospect Rankings.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Oh Captain, My Captain

Matthew Henderson
January 20 2017 03:00PM


As you may know, Henrik Sedin is very close to a career milestone. He is close to joining an elite list of players to score 1000 points in the NHL, and even more rare is that he's done it all with one team. Vancouver has a love for the Sedin Twins that dates back nearly 20 years, and that means there are plenty of moments that they have used to put their stamp on Vancouver's fabric. With that in mind, I asked our writers what their favourite Henrik Sedin moment was in the roundtable.

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Babych Please - January 20th, 2017

Grainne Downey
January 20 2017 02:00PM


The Canucks have had a nice week both on and off the ice, reading mean (but fun) tweets, meeting minor hockey stars, and preparing for imminent milestones.

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Canucks Army Podcast - Episode 10 - 2016-2017

Satiar Shah
January 20 2017 12:05PM

In this week's episode of the Canucks Army Podcast J.D. Burke and myself tackle a number of topics including Henrik Sedin closing in on a career milestone and what the Sedins have meant to this organization.

We delve into the state of the Canucks defense and how Nikita Tryamkin's emergence could change things for the blue-line in the future.

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January 20 2017 09:00AM


In the words of Steve Harvey, host of Family Feud, "We got a good one today". The Florida Panthers have arrived to face your Vancouver Canucks for a marquee matchup. Every time the Panthers come to town it seems to be a big deal: From the first time Pavel Bure came back, to Todd Bertuzzi's return, Luongo and now Jared McCann. Add to all of this, the potential for Henrik Sedin to hit 1000 points and this one is loaded with fireworks.

Definitely more fun than the days of Scott Mellanby and Brian Skrudland.

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