Henrik Sedin opens up about injuries that slowed him through season

Jeff Paterson
April 10 2016 10:18AM

Photo Credit: Kanny Karst/USA TODAY Sports

Long after the final buzzer on Saturday night and after waves of questions about the game, the many disappointments of the past six months and the outlook for the future, Canucks captain Henrik Sedin was pressed on the injuries that so obviously slowed him over the second half of the just completed season. While refusing to get into specifics about the nature of the injury – or injuries -- Sedin was willing to discuss how the various maladies slowed not only himself, but his brother and as a result the entire team over the final 40 games.

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Friday Roundtable: Happy Happy, Joy Joy

J.D. Burke
April 08 2016 05:00PM


I don't really care much for the CFL. Not in the slightest. Never really have. I always found great interest in watching Pinball Clemons from afar, though. I swear, Damon Allen could be in the background with a full-body cast and he'd find some way to be positive about it all. Chipper fella.

I'm trying to bring some of that to Canucks Army. For today, anyway. The season is one game away from its completion (thank god) and we're as familiar with this team and its roster as we'll ever be. We've had a chance to watch them grow and develop all season.

So, I'm asking the Canucks Army staff, which of these players has grown on them the most over the course of the season. 

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Babych Please - April 8th, 2016

Grainne Downey
April 08 2016 04:15PM


The Canucks is mercifully coming to a close, but they are still having a good time away from the rink, contemplating human extinction and making questionable fashion decisions. Plus, hockey playing dogs!

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Why Thatcher Demko is ready to be a professional goaltender

Ryan Lambert
April 08 2016 01:56PM

Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, Thatcher Demko and the Boston College Eagles were eliminated from the Frozen Four, meaning that Signing Watch is officially on. Heck, it might be over by the time you read this.

Demko is a goalie I saw live about a dozen times this season, and several more on television. I've also watched him play at least that often in each of his previous two seasons. I can tell you unequivocally that he's one of the best goaltending prospects I've seen come through NCAA hockey in quite a while and the Canucks would be very wise to sign him now. That's only because you don't want to get involved in a whole Jimmy Vesey-type drama, but also because Demko has nothing at all left to prove at the college level.

He's a professional goalie in every way but getting paid at this point, and really ought to be in the AHL.

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Vancouver Canucks Recall Mike Zalewski

J.D. Burke
April 08 2016 12:47PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.33.08 AM

The Vancouver Canucks have brought in a reinforcement for their final game this Saturday against the lowly Edmonton Oilers. 

Zalewski, 23, will be making his second appearance on the Canucks roster this season, last joining the club after a January 20th recall. A recall which was preceded by Zalewski signing an NHL contract just a day prior, on January 19th. 

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