The Backdrop of Daniel Sedin's Goal Scoring Milestone

Dimitri Filipovic
January 21 2016 09:36PM

The Canucks went into Boston and took another two points on the road with them on Thursday night, continuing what's ultimately been a largely successful trip through the Eastern Conference results-wise. Despite having been routinely outshot along the way, they've now gained at least a point in 7 of their past 8 games, allowing them to keep pace with the rest of the non-LA Kings Pacific Division teams. 

While this particular performance was actually a step-up from their previous showings during that stretch, the win itself seemed immaterial in the grand scheme of things. Taking much of the shine justifiably was Daniel Sedin, who leapfrogged Markus Naslund for sole claim to the franchise's goal scoring throne.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Changing Ways

Cat Silverman
January 21 2016 07:50PM

The Vancouver Canucks started off this game not getting it...

For once, though, they showed up for the final ten minutes of the game, and took home a nice win. 

That's... good news. 

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Refs miss obvious call; Chris Tanev killed, Boston Bruins score

J.D. Burke
January 21 2016 07:02PM

Just a day after John Garrett's inflammatory article, indicting the league and its officials of an organization-wide conspiracy against the Vancouver Canucks and the Sedin twins, in particular, Vancouver has been on the wrong end of poor officiating on an injurious play.

Go figure.

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Graphic Comments: Pretty sure there's at least one thing Prust could clear

Graphic Comments
January 21 2016 04:43PM


Well, that's not strictly true. Prust is also able to clear a pretty big paycheque.

But wow that was quite a performance from Brandon Prust against his "former team", wasn't it?

I mean, the Canucks as a whole were horrible in both games in New York, but oof, that was bad. I haven't seen that many shots fired in New York since Lucky Luciano invited "Joe the Boss" Masseria to lunch on Coney Island.

But yes, suffice it to say, Ryan Miller played great. Brandon Prust, on the other hand, did not. Not only was he horrible, especially in the Rangers game, but he also wind up as the centre of attention going into that game.

Now, there has been plenty of discussion and supposition about why exactly Prust was in the lineup when Jake Virtanen had been scheduled to draw back in, but that's kind of glossing over the point. What we really should be discussing, is why Prust vs. Virtanen is even a choice to be made.

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January 21 2016 01:32PM


The last time the Canucks played the Bruins, I think it was the notorious #must game. They lost 4-buzz and it looked like one of the worst games the Canucks have ever played. Vancouver has given up more shots in the last week than a drunk bartender trying to make new friends. This one's in bean town tonight and the Canucks could use a boost from the bullies that robbed them of their rightful 2011 crown. OK, last time I swear.





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