Canucks assign 5 players to Utica including Jensen, Cassels (and Blomstrand)

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 28 2015 09:20AM

The Vancouver Canucks have made the next step in condensing their roster into an opening night-ready state this morning, sending Nicklas Jensen, Cole Cassels, and Joe Cannata to the Utica Comets in anticipation of the start of AHL training camp.

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Spreadsheet Nerds Get To Cell 5000

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 27 2015 09:00PM

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On April 9th, 2009, a dream was born. No, that's not when the Hockey Gods decided that the Canucks would be stuck with goaltending controversies for the following decade (though that would explain a lot). On that day, Nations Network overlord of overlords Wanye Gretz dreamt of putting together an army - a Canucks Army.

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Brandon Sutter Transcends Stats, #MyColumn

Sillig Ekim
September 27 2015 04:20PM


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin / USA TODAY Sports

Of all Jim Benning's decisions this off-season, few were as controversial as the trade for Brandon Sutter. The general consensus was that Sutter might be a positive fit within the grand scheme of how the Canucks align their forwards, but there was immense value lost in the trade itself and the contract that followed.

Rather than offering commentary on Sutter through a meaningful series of observation and the like, the writers in this space opted to break out their spreadsheets and decree his uselessness with a certainty bordering on hubris. Much like the statistics they so desperately cling to as gospel, they failed to take into account several key factors like heart, leadership, grit, intangibles and pedigree in the evaluation process.

Luckily for the Canucks, Benning didn't. Instead, the Canucks brain trust magnified these traits and weighed their importance accordingly. Join me to find out why Vancouver is better for it, on the other side of the jump.

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Canucks Army Player Profiles: Matt Bartkowski

J.D. Burke
September 27 2015 02:55PM

The Canucks entered free agency with limited cap space and few openings with which to invest it in. This meant identifying an attainable target early and working dutifully to make it happen. Which brings us to the subject of today's player profile, Matt Bartkowski.

A long-term resident of the Claude Julien doghouse, Bartkowski is hoping a cross-continental trek can help breathe new life into his career. Whereas Bartkowski used to be a top four defender on a Presidents' Trophy team, he spent much of last season losing shifts to Kevan Miller on a non-playoff team. One can choose to look at this any number of ways, though it's inarguable that the trajectory isn't overly positive.

The Canucks are hoping to harness the version of Bartkowski that arrived two seasons prior and there's reasons aplenty to believe that's entirely attainable. Some of which I'll get to, on the other side of the jump.

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Alex Friesen, Blair Jones latest Canucks to hit waiver wire

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 27 2015 12:21PM

The Vancouver Canucks continued their series of demotions this afternoon, placing Alex Friesen and Blair Jones on waivers, presumably in an attempt to send them down to the AHL's Utica Comets.

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