Monday Mailbag: Compliance

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
August 17 2015 10:16PM


As some of you may know, I've still got two weeks left at my "day job" before transitioning into writing full time. Hours are heavy, and responsibilities are unexpected. I expected to leave at 6PM today, and stayed back four hours to do mandatory annual compliance courses. Will they matter to me at the end of the month? No. Were they due three days before my last day? You bet.

So yeah, that's why this mailbag is a few hours late. On the bright side, overtime is nice. Let's get to the questions!

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How to build a contender - Part 1: WAR, what is it good for?

money puck
August 17 2015 01:53PM

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks ago I took a look at a new metric, Goals Above Replacement (GAR), developed by the team at The concept is a simple one: we can measure the contribution of each player quantitatively by comparing them to a replacement level player, which is a player who is available for a nominal cost via free agency, waivers, or in trade. 

The goal is to create a single currency to compare all parts of the game, with the best level of data available. 

In a recent post post I took a cursory look at GAR from the perspective of what it may project for the Canucks next season. What I found was a statistic that not only had a very high correlation with goal differential and team points, but was also reasonably predictive of future performance. Over the course of this series, I'm going to explore what GAR can tell us about building a contender. 

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CanucksArmy Prospect Profile 2015: #15 Lukas Jasek

J.D. Burke
August 17 2015 10:56AM


Selected 174th overall, Lukas Jasek presents arguably the highest value for the Vancouver Canucks in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft and stacks up nicely when compared against selections elsewhere, as well.

Listed at 6-foot-1 and 194 pounds (and with room to fill in), the Canucks' 2015 sixth-round selection has more offensive upside than his lowly draft slot would suggest. In addition to lighting up the top Czech junior league, Jasek suited up in 27 games for HC Trinec in the Czech Elite League as a very young 17-year old - a testament to his mature skill set and a fact that bodes extremely well for his odds of developing into a bona fide NHL player.

Though Jasek is an intriguing prospect, there are reasons why the Czech standout lasted well into the second day of the draft. Low-risk and carrying the potential for immense reward, Jasek is ranked 15th on our list.

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The 2015 NHL Offseason: Winners, Losers, and Everybody In the Middle

Cam Lewis
August 16 2015 08:00AM

Over the past couple weeks, I've been breaking down the good and the bad of what's happened so far during the 2015 NHL offseason. After going through all four divisions, looking at the players that teams have added and subtracted, and how they've spent their money, I figured I would put together a big list of which teams are winners and losers, and which teams are floating in their own category somewhere in the middle. Hey, it's the summer and we still have like seven weeks until the season starts, so it's the perfect time to sit back and speculate. 

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Why Pavel Bure's Legends Hockey League is a Great Idea

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
August 16 2015 07:24AM

As a life-long Pavel Bure apologist, it broke my heart to see him retire from the NHL years before the rest of the league's stars typically called it quits. I had always crossed my fingers for a comeback, but my brain knew that it was way too much to expect from a player whose knees had turned into a fine ooze.

But as it turns out, there's still hope for those who wish to see the Russian Rocket on the ice again, in the form of a whole new old-timer's league set to launch in the fall.

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