Canucks Army Podcast - Episode 13 - 2016-2017

Satiar Shah
February 16 2017 01:11PM


It's time for yet another edition of the Canucks Army Podcast and this week we delve right into the predicament the Canucks are in heading into the March 1st trade deadline. Hint, forget about the playoffs and focus on the future. J.D. Burke and myself debate the likelihood of the Canucks pulling off a trade or three and we muse over expansion draft protection list possibilities.

Yes, we talk about the Sedins and the recent drop off in their play but all may not be lost when it comes to the future of the twins in Vancouver.

We also reach into the mailbag and answer some listener questions, including what it would take to renounce your allegiance to your favorite hockey team.

There's plenty of more but have a listen instead:

#1 UberTrout
February 16 2017, 04:38PM
Trash it!

So what Scotch do you prefer?

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