WWYDW: Playoffs?

Jackson McDonald
January 11 2017 09:00AM

what would you do wednesday 

The Canucks find themselves in a bit of an odd scenario. They're on a bit of a run, so to speak, having won six in a row before dropping their latest contest in Calgary. That puts them right back in the thick of the playoff hunt, but also in the midst of a rebuild.

Even if the team were to make the playoffs this season, that doesn't mean the rebuild is complete. The Canucks are still in desperate need of young talent, and with expansion looming, would perhaps be best served dealing some of their older players for futures. That is, unless you believe the team can make a serious run.

So, this week's question is, do you deal vets for picks and prospects at the deadline, or hold on to your guys in hopes of making a prolonged postseason push, even if that means losing a good player for nothing?

Last week I asked: With Rodin healthy, where would you like to see him play? Would you break up the red-hot Baertschi-Horvat-Burrows line? Does he play with the twins? Or do you leave him out of the lineup in favour of someone else? 

Friendly Neighbourhood Canuck: 

I don't care what line he's on as long as it is on an actual line. Why not just keep Rodin with Bo/Baer and let Burrows get the 4th line going. Because outside of that one game in Tampa, it has produced a most nothing at all. Chaput would be nice as a 13th forward. Right now we have 14 forwards and given what we've seen from Willie in the past, he will not dress the 12 best on any night. But we shall see.. 


There were comments that Rodin's conditioning is not ready which is why he is in the press box or playing limited minutes. Makes sense considering the injury. When healthy, play him with the Sedins. He is a good skater and can't do worse that Megna's 3 points in 22 games. Megna has done nothing with the Sedins and yet still plays there. 


Could Megna, Gaunce, Skille or Chaput ever be the Swedish elite league MVP? I don't think so. Rodin should be given an extended look over any of those Canuck regulars. 


Put him with the twins. It literally would be very difficult for him to do any worse than Megna and Sutter have this season on the Sedins' wing.

He can also play left side so you could swap him for Chaput on the 4th line, or move Eriksson back with the Sedins and throw him in with Granlund and Sutter (although Eriksson is the only thing keeping Sutter above water).

Just get him in the lineup. 


I'm actually okay with him playing 4th line minutes for a while. Put him in for Skille, Chaput, Megna, or Gaunce (take your pick or rotate), with some 2nd unit PP time. I think 8-10 minutes a night for a while will give him a chance to find his legs and learn what it's like to play in the NHL, without too much expectations being placed on him. Because let's be honest, the 4th line has done next to nothing all year, so anything they do chip in at this point has to be seen as a bonus. 


Desjardins praising Rodin's skill and puck movement. "I don't think we've seen the best of him yet either." (From the preseason).

If Desjardins puts Rodin with 4th line pluggers and Rodin fails, Desjardins has only himself to blame. He didn't put Rodin in a position to succeed. A player with scoring skill needs to play with scoring linemates. That leaves Baertschi/Horvat or the Sedins. Rodin had success with Baertschi & Horvat in the preseason. Rodin also plays a net-driving, scoring game that could compliment the Sedins' cycle game. I'd rotate Rodin through both lines for a sustained amount of time and see where he's most effective. Failing that, he plays with Sutter. If he can't crack the Top 9, well, cross that bridge when you get there.

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#51 Silverback
January 12 2017, 12:06PM
Trash it!


With the upcoming entry draft, I don't see many teams giving up draft picks to bring in rentals, just so they may give up a quality prospect, a valuable player, or the very player they traded for. This will be a messy year for everyone. I see many teams standing pat this year.

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