Canucks Give Away 3rd Round Pick, Receive a Tall Human In Return

Days after acquiring Will Acton from the Edmonton Oilers, GM Jim Benning went out and made that deal look like a veritable blockbuster by dealing Alex Mallet and a 3rd round pick in 2016 to the New York Islanders in exchange for 21-year old 6’4 defenseman Andrey Pedan.

I don’t know a damn thing about Andrey Pedan, so join me after the jump where we’ll find out all about the AHL version of Luca Sbisa that the Canucks seem to have acquired.

Here’s what we know about Pedan: he was drafted out of the OHL 63rd overall in 2011, one pick before promising Panthers rookie forward Vince Trocheck. He scored 12 points in 51 games as a 17-year old, before improving to a very respectable 40 and 44 points 63 and 60 games as a draft+1 and draft+2 player with Guelph. He was also the most penalized player in the OHL in 2012-2013, leading the league with 145 PIMs in 60 games.

Only 25 of these PIMs were fights though, but a large chunk were instigators and misconducts according to his Hockeyfights page. As a side note, Pedan was Bo Horvat’s opponent in Horvat’s only fight of his hockey career (he beat the tar out of poor Bo):

Since leaving junior, Pedan has struggled to gain footing in professional hockey, playing only 41 games split between the AHL and ECHL in the past two seasons. Part of this is because the Islanders have really bolstered their young D prospect group recently, but at the same time, you’d think that he’d be able force guys like Jesse Graham, Scooter Vaughan, and Scott Mayfield on a more consistent basis if he was really going anywhere in pro hockey.

On the bright side, Corey Pronman still thinks there’s something there with Pedan:

Alex Mallet, despite a very strong overage junior season, was a waste of a draft pick back in 2012. Daniel Wagner found that the absolute best case scenario for Dane Fox, a similar case to Mallet, is turning in to Chad LaRose. Similarly, the recipe for entry draft success is to concentrate on 17-year olds. The odds were always stacked against Mallet, simply because when he was in direct competition with his peer group, he showed that he wasn’t very good (unlike, say, Damon Severson). His addition is basically just to balance out the number of contracts, and his loss is negligible to the organization.

Contractually, Pedan has one more year left on his entry level deal after this season, while Mallet is a free agent at the end of 2014-15. Still, as RFAs, Vancouver would own the rights to the player anyways, so it’s not as if they’re securing an asset for notably longer. I guess it adds some meat and potatoes to Utica, but I question how much that’s needed with the Comets sitting in 2nd place in the AHL behind a streaking Rockford team.

It’s still far too early to make a determination on what a 3rd round pick in 2016 will look like, and chances are this deal turns out to involve a grand total of zero NHL assets. Andrey Pedan looks like he could be the more promising asset, but as he’s been unable to carve out a spot in the AHL, that even seems unlikely. At the end of the day, I would have liked to take my chances with the 3rd round pick.

  • Spiel

    Write up on him from isles blogging community.

    Seems like injuries derailed him last year and the ECHL games last year were a conditioning stint.

    This year, it could be he was pushed down the depth chart a bit. This article says they had “too many bodies” in Bridgeport:

    Isles had Reinhart (1st rounder), Pelech (2nd rounder), Ness (2nd rounder) as left side d-men as his competition.

    I like having someone with fighting ability on the AHL team. He is not completely void of offense either. Injuries really do seem to be an issue with Pedan.

    Already seems better than Blain, Lafranchise or whoever was playing on the bottom pair in Utica.

    3rd rounder does seem steep, though I would rather get a young player with some potential to develop back for a 3rd rounder than a rental player.

    • elvis15

      Saw that same link after doing a search as well. Here’s another that’s interesting from earlier in his career:

      Liked watching Kasparitis growing up, his role model is Pronger, came to play in NA because of the level of hockey (fast and much more physical), former coach in Guelph Scott Walker noted his size and skating and thought he could be a top 4 D in the NHL. Walker also noted he sees him as similar to Chara, having great hands and shooting the puck well from the point.

      He hasn’t reached those levels of course – despite having some offensively successful years in junior and even the AHL to a point – as he’s missed considerable time in the last two years with injury, but if he can stay healthy and stay away from too many unnecessary penalties then he could become the sleeper pick some projected him to be.

      As far as Mallet, he’s a feisty center with offensive upside. He’s not quite made his mark in the AHL yet, but has had success in the ECHL and had a breakout offensive season in junior after limited production. He can become a good bottom 6 forward but has some things to figure out to make it happen at the pro level.

  • It’s really interesting to see people jump on Benning after every trade.

    He doesn’t have a track record of failure, so the failure perception of a kid like Pedantic is puzzling. It’s been proven time and again that bigger Defensemen generally take longer to develop. To me that’s where the upside is with this kid. Change of scenery, new coaches ect…

    Bennington moves to this point have paid off. Miller, Vrbata and even Vey has points, just hasn’t found his niche yet. Might be that 2nd or 3rd line winger is a better fit at this point in his career than center?

    Benning has earned the benefit of the doubt with his past work as a scout and Assitant GM. We may not know what a third round pick in 2016 is worth but I guarrentee Benning does.

  • Benning has to be the biggest idiot on the planet.

    “Sbisa is a top 4 dman”. Okay there.

    Then trades a top pairing dman for a 2nd rond pick. 2 months later has to trade a 3rd round pick for some ECHL dman.

    Trades another 3rd rounder for a 4th liner. Dorsett is good, don’t get me wrong. But he’s replacement level player. So is Vey who they traded a 2nd round pick for. Both of these players could have been had for free in free agency.

    I truly think he’s an idiot with zero hockey IQ. Throwing away picks like this team has great prospects, and depth of prospects. Which they don’t.

    • elvis15

      LoL i love canucks army hipsters who do fantasy drafts online and act like they have 2016 fantasy draft 3rd prospects lined up, and it would have been incredibly valuable given the players available and benning is the biggest idiot in the nhl compared to us. Because online everyones draft picks turn into home runs. Beyond that you guys have not seen his play, here are what some isles fans are saying regarding it. Do some research, make friends with outher fans.

      “Just remember that we are talking about a third round pick in 2016. Taking a flyer on a prospect with that kind of return is perfectly reasonable. I might even call it smart management of resources.”

      “I really enjoyed Andrey Pedan in Guelph.
      Vancouver got themselves an underrated prospect (not to say he’s going to be amazing, but I do feel his potential is underestimated)”

      “I would not freak out Vancouver fans. Pedan has a lot of potential I think as an Islander fan but his game needs work, needs to work on discipline and not taking bad penalties. Other then that Andrey boasts a huge point shot and has some serious size. I am kinda angry that we traded him.”

  • I think for Mallet would have been a solid deal but Nucks added the third in 2016. He has upside and raw ability plus he has size and a mean streak. We’re lacking that in our D prospects.

    Hockeys Future gives him a 7 rating so not bad. Seems like an actual prospect. If he becomes disciplined, he might become a steal. He has all of the ability but just hasn’t quite put it together. It’s a gamble worth taking, I think. Low risk, possibly high reward.

  • Fred-65

    This guy is 21, Mallet is a none event and a third round in 2016 ( 18 year old ) is at best a possible player in 2020 Pro ready. In the mean time after letting Lain go he’s a replacement with the possible upside of making the team some time next year or the year after. In the mean time he provides some thing ALL AHL teams need is a tough guy. You hope Mackenze Stewart will be ready in 2-3 years Clearly JB likes the Boston model and he sees the Vcr team missing the toughness part of that equation. To become a genuine tough guy in the NHL you have to be man strong ( 23-24 years old) not gym strong and this guy is a couple of years closer to that. I understand he’s pretty good skater

  • Spiel

    The Canucks need some extra depth on defence but I think the need is for a veteran at the end of his career rather than a 21-year-old. I noticed Aaron Rome was in the AHL, and if he can still play, Rome or equivalent would be more trustworthy should another top Canuck D go down.
    Shame to have had to let Salo and Mitchell and Ohlund go.